Platform Architect


Lehi, UT

Job Description: 

Employer:                              Entrata, Inc.

Job Title:                               Platform Architect     

Degree Required:                   Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent foreign education or equivalent work experience)

Academic Discipline(s):          Computer Information Systems, Computer Science or Information Technology

Experience Required:             Five years of experience

Alternate Occupations

Accepted:                                Computer Information Systems, Computer Science or Information Technology




Degree Required:                  None

Experience Required:           Eight years of related work experience

Alternate Occupations

Accepted:                             Computer Information Systems, Computer Science or Information Technology

Job Description:

As a Platform Architect at Entrata, Inc., you will work with other engineers, senior architects and directors building our platform with an offshore team, as well as with Product, Development, and UX teams participating in some of the calls with offshore development. This role will oversee the entire lifecycle of application development and designing, coding and debugging of Entrata’s applications focusing on a platform perspective in various software languages. Other responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Coordinate with client representatives at many levels, including property managers, leasing agents, and account managers from the property manager’s office to gather the necessary information to effectively design and develop customizations in Entrata’s software to meet the needs and requests of the client.

  • Oversee software analysis, code analysis, requirements analysis, software review, identification of code metrics, system risk analysis, and software reliability analysis on a daily basis.

  • Build transport layers in PHP for real time integration with third-party property management software, and create a DAL (Data Adapter Layer) for these web services to interact with MS SQL, Oracle, Pervasive, and MS Access databases

  • Utilize MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern/approach to implement clean and stable code while monitoring the “Auto Issue Reporting System” for new bugs in the system on a daily basis.

  • Architect platform-wide solutions and solutions for specific software products, for example with outbound communications, intra-process messaging, queueing and telephony.

  • Work on several projects affecting the overall system architecture of Entrata’s over 40 discrete products, including how changes in code anywhere within the system will affect other parts of the performance of the system.


Minimum Qualifications


  • Experience in SQL.

  • Experience in Postgres database design.

  • Experience with API design and development.

  • Experience in message-oriented middleware, including AMQP, XMPP, and Redis.

  • Experience in integrations for email and SMS, including GSuite, Twillio, and Sendgrid.

  • Experience with web standard languages, including HTML, CSS, and JS.

  • Experience with general database technologies implementing relational, columnar, and document stores such as Oracle, MongoDB, and MariaDB.

  • Experience with cloud solutions such as AWS Lambda, Elasticache, AmazonMQ, and RDS.

  • Experience with a JS framework such as React, Vue, and Angular.

  • Experience standardizing code and architecture.

  • Experience with PHP enterprise application development.

  • Experience using agile software development methodologies.

  • Experience developing software for the multi-family real estate market.

  • Experience with enterprise software architecture, frameworks, and patterns.

  • Must be willing to work nights and weekends if necessary.


All job offers will be contingent upon a successful background check.


Salary (Annual):          $118,456.00

Work Location:           4205 Chapel Ridge Road, Lehi, UT 84043

Hours of work:            8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday; must be willing to work nights and weekends if necessary.

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