Optimization and Efficiency

Centralize operations any way you want

You know your business better than anyone. Entrata helps you operate in a way that addresses your properties’ and communities’ specific needs.

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100% Flexibility

With Entrata’s all-in-one operating system, you can configure the parts of your system that make the most sense for your business and its operations.

Leverage accurate data

Thanks to a true single sign-on, Entrata’s data is easily accessible. You’ll know your data is accurate because it all comes from the same system.

    Remove friction, add efficiency

    Simplify complicated workflows and customize things like permissions and settings. Configure the system according to how you want to operate.

      Reduce operational costs

      By optimizing workflows within Entrata, onsite team members save 100 hours of time per year, while seeing an 8% increase in units occupied during the lease-up period.

        No matter which business model you use (centralized, traditional, or a mix of the two), Entrata provides flexible, automated, and unified solutions that enhance overall operational efficiencies.

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        With ProspectPortal, you can create a branded website and associate multiple properties with it. Showcase real-time pricing and availability in an easy-to-use content management system.

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        With Entrata’s CRM, you can communicate with leads when, where, and how they want. Enjoy automated contact points, and track all your communication in a single dashboard.


        Tours can be self-guided and completed without an onsite agent. You can automate follow-ups for when a tour is completed, install hands-free controls and locks with Entrata Access Connect, and more.

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        All online application, screening, and leasing steps can be completely centralized using the leasing dashboard, including notifications and task management. You can also rely on Entrata Leasing Center for support if your company needs it.


        Review and complete move-ins in bulk for multiple properties. Automate move-in checklist alerts, and experience a seamless migration into Entrata’s ResidentPortal.

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