Jul 17

What’s Up with Docs? New Solutions for Multifamily Document Management

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Multifamily properties generate a lot of documents, but the days of rows of file cabinets filling up the leasing office are (or should be) over. Storing documents digitally can free up a lot of space for your properties, but may introduce new challenges like problems with searchability, accessibility, and security. In order to address these challenges, simple document storage technologies won’t do. What is needed is document management.

A robust document management solution isn’t limited to the storage of digitized documents, it’s an entire system that allows users to organize files for storage, import and export file batches efficiently, and provide secure search and sharing features for property teams. In order to be effective, document management must be flexible enough to meet the needs of different properties or portfolios and accommodate a variety of file types including property files and documents for specific applicants and residents.

Entrata has recently introduced DocManagement: a new service for customers of Entrata Core and Lease Execution that is designed to offer exactly that. DocManagement not only stores digitized documents indefinitely at no charge, it gives users the flexibility to decide their own file-naming conventions and offers tools for easy search, retrieval, and sharing. Entrata’s permissions-based access and new functionality help balance the need to keep sensitive information secure while ensuring that employees and partners have the necessary access to documents vital to their jobs.

Entrata is now allowing selected customers to opt-in to DocManagement for valuable, search-friendly document storage. It’s unlimited and it’s free. If you’re interested in taking advantage of Entrata’s document management system, complete this form and a representative from Entrata will contact you.

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