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Jul 21

Onsite Teams: The Real MVPs

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Tech receives a lot of credit for helping the apartment industry get through the pandemic. That’s fair, but speaking as a tech provider, we’re going to put ourselves in the honorable mention category.  Why? Because onsite teams have been the true MVPs of the past year and a half—and it’s not even close.

For 18 months plus, we’ve observed as onsite teams held communities together through the most difficult period the industry has ever experienced. In what became a contactless environment in an era of social distancing, they put a human face on their communities and bridged the gap for prospects who still had to find a new home during the unconventional madness.  continue

Feb 21

Introducing #WallpaperWednesday!

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Tired of looking at the same old screens? Entrata to the rescue!

Follow @EntrataSoftware on social media (or check back here each week) for a fresh new look. You can download a new wallpaper designs for your phone, tablet, or computer each Wednesday. continue

Dec 20

2020: A Year in Review

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Amid All the Chaos, 2020 Offered Suprising Positives

Typically, these types of year-end recaps feature a cheery look back at significant milestones and benchmarks in the industry. Seeing that “cheery” will seldom be an adjective associated with 2020, some may wonder why we didn’t entirely skip this piece.

 But although 2020 was a trying time for virtually everyone, it was not without positives. The multifamily industry deftly adjusted to the bevy of newfound challenges by finding ways to connect with residents and prospects in a socially distant environment. Many associates went above and beyond to assist those facing unprecedented circumstances and the words virtual, Zoom and contactless became a regular part of the industry’s vernacular.

 All the while, the resilient apartment sector managed to avoid widespread disaster and continued to prime itself for a promising post-pandemic future. Here’s a look at some of the encouraging developments in an otherwise chaotic 2020: continue

Dec 20

The Benefits of a Positive Company Culture

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Virtually everyone has experienced an environment where morale is low. Whether you experience it at the workplace, on an athletic team, at school or any other type of group, odds are you remember the experience very well—because it can be draining. 

When culture turns sour, productivity becomes an uphill battle. In addition to trying to conquer a task, team members have to weave through discontent and preconceived notions that can stunt their progress. 

That’s why positive company culture is so important.  continue

Nov 20

Companies Being Excellent: Standout Performances in 2020

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Be excellent to each other. It’s one of Entrata’s key values, and perhaps the most pertinent during the current climate. 

“2020 has shown us so many examples of humans not being excellent,” said Chase Harrington, president and chief operating officer of Entrata. “But we’ve also seen some of the best in humanity.”

Throughout the Entrata Connect four-episode series, the company highlighted many of those who went above and beyond during an unprecedented 2020.

Here are their stories: continue

Oct 20

Leadership Panel Touts Connection and Innovation

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As the contingent of women in industry leadership continues to grow, the women in those roles have advice for those seeking them: Never underestimate the importance of connections. Innovation goes beyond technology. And always seek stepping stones early in your career.

A panel of muiltfamily executives discussed these concepts on Episode 1 of Entrata Connect in a session moderated by Entrata Industry Principal Virigina Love, one of the industry’s most capable leaders since 1992. continue

Jun 20

Entrata Cancels 2020 Summit

Posted by: Chase Harrington | Category: Summit,Values

It’s no secret that Entrata takes its Value of “Business in the Front, Party in the Back” very seriously. Each year we have invited you to experience that Value with us, live and in person, at the Summit in Park City. This unusual year, however, is compelling us to rethink this tradition, and we have made the difficult decision to cancel 2020’s Summit. continue

May 20

A Pandemic Response Built on Values

Posted by: Chase Harrington | Category: Values

A couple of months ago Entrata found itself facing an unforeseen crisis of seemingly limitless scale and seriousness. Along with the nationwide apartment housing industry and the local tech corridor, we worked as fast as we could to react. We quickly transitioned our entire team to work from home and a strategic task force assembled to monitor constantly-evolving news and advisories, implementing recommended changes quickly and efficiently. Essentially, we put our heads down and got to work.

Like many businesses across the country, Entrata did not have a pandemic playbook on the shelf that we could pull down, dust off, and methodically implement. What we do have, and what has guided our actions and decision-making for years, are a very particular set of values. Entrata’s values provide the framework for how we work with our employees, our clients, our industry, and our community. We have built a culture around these values, trusting that they would help us pull together and succeed no matter the circumstances. And recent weeks have shown that trust was not misplaced. continue

Nov 19

Entrata’s Jones Family Reunion

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This past week was Entrata’s 7th annual employee appreciation week affectionately known as the Jones Family Reunion. This year the week was packed with great activities from discovering our inner Bob Ross painting skills to racing slot cars until our fingers hurt to massages and spa treatments, and finally, relaxing. Throughout the week, people from different departments are grouped together to attend this popular off-site event, giving those who don’t normally interact or spend time together an opportunity to build real connections while having fun.


Mar 19

2019 Holiday Social Campaign Terms & Conditions

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You are invited to share in Entrata Inc.’s (“Entrata”) annual donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital (“Donation”). Participants will participate by posting a relevant image on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn using the term “Celebrate Connections that Matter” and using the tag “@entratasoftware” in the post(s) (“Submission”). Submissions for the Donation will be accepted from December 8, 2019 to December 15, 2019. Entrata will be donating $100 for every Submission to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, up to a donation of $5,000 in total.