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Jun 20

Entrata Cancels 2020 Summit

Posted by: Chase Harrington | Category: Summit,Values

It’s no secret that Entrata takes its Value of “Business in the Front, Party in the Back” very seriously. Each year we have invited you to experience that Value with us, live and in person, at the Summit in Park City. This unusual year, however, is compelling us to rethink this tradition, and we have made the difficult decision to cancel 2020’s Summit. continue

May 20

A Pandemic Response Built on Values

Posted by: Chase Harrington | Category: Values

A couple of months ago Entrata found itself facing an unforeseen crisis of seemingly limitless scale and seriousness. Along with the nationwide apartment housing industry and the local tech corridor, we worked as fast as we could to react. We quickly transitioned our entire team to work from home and a strategic task force assembled to monitor constantly-evolving news and advisories, implementing recommended changes quickly and efficiently. Essentially, we put our heads down and got to work.

Like many businesses across the country, Entrata did not have a pandemic playbook on the shelf that we could pull down, dust off, and methodically implement. What we do have, and what has guided our actions and decision-making for years, are a very particular set of values. Entrata’s values provide the framework for how we work with our employees, our clients, our industry, and our community. We have built a culture around these values, trusting that they would help us pull together and succeed no matter the circumstances. And recent weeks have shown that trust was not misplaced. continue

Nov 19

Entrata’s Jones Family Reunion

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This past week was Entrata’s 7th annual employee appreciation week affectionately known as the Jones Family Reunion. This year the week was packed with great activities from discovering our inner Bob Ross painting skills to racing slot cars until our fingers hurt to massages and spa treatments, and finally, relaxing. Throughout the week, people from different departments are grouped together to attend this popular off-site event, giving those who don’t normally interact or spend time together an opportunity to build real connections while having fun.


Mar 19

2019 Holiday Social Campaign Terms & Conditions

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You are invited to share in Entrata Inc.’s (“Entrata”) annual donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital (“Donation”). Participants will participate by posting a relevant image on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn using the term “Celebrate Connections that Matter” and using the tag “@entratasoftware” in the post(s) (“Submission”). Submissions for the Donation will be accepted from December 8, 2019 to December 15, 2019. Entrata will be donating $100 for every Submission to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, up to a donation of $5,000 in total. 

Jan 18

Making a Difference

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Entrata recently embarked on a large project to make our resident facing portal accessible to visually impaired users. As part of the endeavor, we partnered with Xento to help two schools in India – Pune Technical Training Institute and the Girl’s School for the Blind in Satara.

Entrata has committed to help the schools continue changing the lives of these students by providing them with the technology tools, experience and supplies they need to teach in the classroom. To help fulfill this commitment, funds raised during Entrata’s Values Week in November were used to purchase computers for visually impaired students. The Pune Technical Training Institute contributed all the necessary software to go along with the computers, such as screen readers or magnifiers.  continue

Sep 17

News from the Summit: A New Lease on Life for Those Experiencing Homelessness

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Entrata has once again partnered with Shelters to Shutters to help raise money to relieve homelessness in our communities. At last year’s Summit, attendees heard firsthand the heartfelt story of Odessa Moore, a participant in Shelters to Shutters’ program to transition individuals from homelessness to economic self sufficiency. There was not a dry eye in the room as she told of the hope, confidence and stability the program provided to her and her family. continue

Oct 16

Manning, All-Time Passing Leader, Talks Leadership at Summit 2016

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Peyton Manning has a message. Identify your strengths. Be more aware of your weaknesses. Be nice to the equipment guy. And if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.

Manning, the NFL’s all-time leader in nearly every prominent passing category and the only quarterback to lead two different teams to a Super Bowl crown, spoke in detail about leadership as the keynote speaker at Entrata Summit 2016.

“To me, leadership really boils down to one thing, and that’s the ability to influence others,” Manning said. “You’re not handed the title of leadership. Whether you’re a CEO, a district manager, a mother or a quarterback, you have to earn it.”


Jul 16

What the Values Mean to Me

Posted by: Mika McIntosh | Category: Values


Mika McIntosh, RentSauce Editor


Entrata has done a lot with the values over the years – we’ve written about them directly, written about those who live the values, created the values committee and also dedicated a whole week every year to the values. We wouldn’t have the same work culture at Entrata without the presence of the values, and they’ve shaped the way we interact with others. Those interactions have strengthened our understanding of the values as we see how others in the company live them.


Apr 16

We Started at the Bottom and Now We’re (Almost) Here

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We started from the bottom and now the whole team’s here… almost.

You may have heard, but word on the street is that Entrata is expanding. With almost 200 new positions being created (that’s a lot of new names to remember), we’re keeping it as real as can be and staying ahead, aiming for the summit, and taking on our next great ascent. In the fall of 2016, Entrata is expecting to open the doors of a brand new headquarters.


Mar 16

Shout Out!

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By: Mika McIntosh, RentSauce Editor


The machine only works if all the pieces are in working order. Or, to put it more awesomely, if all the pieces are most excellent– to each other, to themselves. And it’s these pieces of the whole that we can thank when we passionately rise above mediocrity. But, we’ve recently realized, those pieces don’t get the recognition that they deserve, and it’s time we change that; we do more than just software, after all. We have events, videos… and who are the people behind all of that? We’d like to take the time to highlight those people and departments who have shown patterns of excellence but aren’t always in the spotlight.