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Jan 18

Making a Difference

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Entrata recently embarked on a large project to make our resident facing portal accessible to visually impaired users. As part of the endeavor, we partnered with Xento to help two schools in India – Pune Technical Training Institute and the Girl’s School for the Blind in Satara.

Entrata has committed to help the schools continue changing the lives of these students by providing them with the technology tools, experience and supplies they need to teach in the classroom. To help fulfill this commitment, funds raised during Entrata’s Values Week in November were used to purchase computers for visually impaired students. The Pune Technical Training Institute contributed all the necessary software to go along with the computers, such as screen readers or magnifiers.  continue

Sep 17

News from the Summit: A New Lease on Life for Those Experiencing Homelessness

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Entrata has once again partnered with Shelters to Shutters to help raise money to relieve homelessness in our communities. At last year’s Summit, attendees heard firsthand the heartfelt story of Odessa Moore, a participant in Shelters to Shutters’ program to transition individuals from homelessness to economic self sufficiency. There was not a dry eye in the room as she told of the hope, confidence and stability the program provided to her and her family. continue

Oct 16

Manning, All-Time Passing Leader, Talks Leadership at Summit 2016

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Peyton Manning has a message. Identify your strengths. Be more aware of your weaknesses. Be nice to the equipment guy. And if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.

Manning, the NFL’s all-time leader in nearly every prominent passing category and the only quarterback to lead two different teams to a Super Bowl crown, spoke in detail about leadership as the keynote speaker at Entrata Summit 2016.

“To me, leadership really boils down to one thing, and that’s the ability to influence others,” Manning said. “You’re not handed the title of leadership. Whether you’re a CEO, a district manager, a mother or a quarterback, you have to earn it.”


Jul 16

What the Values Mean to Me

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Mika McIntosh, RentSauce Editor


Entrata has done a lot with the values over the years – we’ve written about them directly, written about those who live the values, created the values committee and also dedicated a whole week every year to the values. We wouldn’t have the same work culture at Entrata without the presence of the values, and they’ve shaped the way we interact with others. Those interactions have strengthened our understanding of the values as we see how others in the company live them.


Apr 16

We Started at the Bottom and Now We’re (Almost) Here

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We started from the bottom and now the whole team’s here… almost.

You may have heard, but word on the street is that Entrata is expanding. With almost 200 new positions being created (that’s a lot of new names to remember), we’re keeping it as real as can be and staying ahead, aiming for the summit, and taking on our next great ascent. In the fall of 2016, Entrata is expecting to open the doors of a brand new headquarters.


Mar 16

Shout Out!

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By: Mika McIntosh, RentSauce Editor


The machine only works if all the pieces are in working order. Or, to put it more awesomely, if all the pieces are most excellent– to each other, to themselves. And it’s these pieces of the whole that we can thank when we passionately rise above mediocrity. But, we’ve recently realized, those pieces don’t get the recognition that they deserve, and it’s time we change that; we do more than just software, after all. We have events, videos… and who are the people behind all of that? We’d like to take the time to highlight those people and departments who have shown patterns of excellence but aren’t always in the spotlight.


Sep 15

Red Shoe Club Membership

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What does it mean to be an official member of the revamped Red Shoe Club?

Official Red Shoe Club Membership is reserved for the industry’s most fearless innovators and experts excited to be advocates for our brand. They’re on the front lines, wearing their red Vans, showing love and filling cyberspace with expert advice and the good word about our people and products.


Jul 15

The Re-brand and Our Values

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Even if you aren’t a keen observer, you may have noticed we are no longer Property Solutions. Indeed, we have dawned the title of Entrata, Inc. But why the change? Well, it definitely wasn’t on a whim. A lot of thought went into the decision, and it was agreed that it was what we needed.

Entrata means “open” and “portal,” and as the name of our product platform, represents our non-restrictive business philosophy. Our new name shows what we stand for—to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and everyone else in the industry through our unique brand of innovation, like the true Joneses we are. And it was important to us to be able to communicate this, and our dedication to be who we say we’ll be. It made sense to us to rebrand. This is the best way we can think of to be, well, us. continue

Jul 15

JFR 2K15: The Threequel

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IMG_2979The Jones Family Reunion is our annual retreat used as thank you for all the hard work we as members of the Entrata team do on a daily basis to make us the self professed Joneses of the property management industry. It started two and a half years ago and has remained one of our favorite traditions, not the least of which because it exemplifies our philosophy of “Business in the Front, Party in the Back.”

However, we had a hefty task in front of us in preparation for the third annual Entrata Jones Family Reunion. How do we top two amazing years? Then it hit us. The one thing that was holding us back from reaching our full Jones Family Reunion potential. The time of year. “Of course! How could we be so foolish!” We groaned, collectively slapping our foreheads in a smack that could be heard round the office. “All family reunions should take place in the summer!”

Sunshine. Swimming. Sun tan lotion. Swigs of soda. Surf. Shade. Slip n’ slide. Summer. It all made so much sense to us. And so, with half a year less to prepare, we set off to plan our most audacious reunion yet.

The reunion started off on the 13th with a keynote presentation from Entrata CEO Dave Bateman, catching us up on how we fared with our company goals from last year, and introducing our new company goals for this year. Following Dave’s remarks, we had the distinct joy of feasting on the words and philosophical stylings Kyle Maynard who taught us that there are no good excuses— if you’re not dead, you can’t quit. To us, this just smelled of Being the Real Deal. It takes courage to not quit, and we’re all about courage and taking things to the next level, even if it means going out of our comfort zone. Nothing exciting or epic ever happened inside a comfort zone.

After, we learned that we all won a prize, in true Oprah fashion. Though, instead of the prize being under our chairs, the prize happened to be the (lawn) chairs themselves. After we were treated to burgers and dogs, because grilling is family reunion law.

The rest of the week was split between several activities that we got to choose between. Tuesday and Friday were trips up to Park City, Wednesday saw water activities like boating and tubing at Jordanelle Reservoir, and Thursday was river rafting and zipline fun in Provo Canyon.

In order for us to continue being the Joneses, we needed some freshening up. So all of this allowed us to rejuvenate our spirits in preparation for the second half of the year. We still have our third annual Summit in Park City ahead of us, and all those goals to meet.

Missed out? Well, there’s always next year. Until then, check out the video below!

Feb 15

Building Culture in Your Community

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Everyone wants to live in the cool apartment community, especially students and millennials fresh out of college. Question: What makes a community cool? Answer: The culture (…and amenities, the neighborhood, price, whatever—we’re going to focus on culture this time around). It’s hard to create a good culture in a world where everyone seems to be growing increasingly apathetic. But it can be done, believe you me. And here’s how.