Jul 15

The Re-brand and Our Values

Posted by: Mika McIntosh | Category: Company Announcements,Values

Even if you aren’t a keen observer, you may have noticed we are no longer Property Solutions. Indeed, we have dawned the title of Entrata, Inc. But why the change? Well, it definitely wasn’t on a whim. A lot of thought went into the decision, and it was agreed that it was what we needed.

Entrata means “open” and “portal,” and as the name of our product platform, represents our non-restrictive business philosophy. Our new name shows what we stand for—to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and everyone else in the industry through our unique brand of innovation, like the true Joneses we are. And it was important to us to be able to communicate this, and our dedication to be who we say we’ll be. It made sense to us to rebrand. This is the best way we can think of to be, well, us.

What does this mean for our values? We’re still dedicated them, of course. If anything, I’d say with the name change that we’ve made a pinky promise (the most sacred of all promises) to better represent them. After the rebrand, we’re feeling pretty refreshed and up to the challenge of the pinky promise.

We promise that our product will continue to be the most efficient (and only single platform) in the industry (Real Deal), we will continue to provide exceptional customer service (Be Excellent). We’ll continue to expand and hire and add innovative individuals to our family (Joneses), and to communicate effectively and efficiently to our clients and each other (Talk To me Goose). Most importantly, we promise not only to continue to work hard and to take our jobs seriously, but to also never take ourselves too seriously and to find humor in any situation (Business in the Front, Party in the Back).

Not much has changed, except for our increased dedication. So never fear, Entrata is here.