Dec 20

The Benefits of a Positive Company Culture

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Values

Virtually everyone has experienced an environment where morale is low. Whether you experience it at the workplace, on an athletic team, at school or any other type of group, odds are you remember the experience very well—because it can be draining. 

When culture turns sour, productivity becomes an uphill battle. In addition to trying to conquer a task, team members have to weave through discontent and preconceived notions that can stunt their progress. 

That’s why positive company culture is so important. 

We admit, it sounds like a cliché because so many organizations tout it. But anyone who has worked amidst true cultural positivity can attest that it makes a genuine difference, particularly during trying times. 

The multifamily industry, one of the most people-centric professions on the planet, has done a stellar job in recent years of being innovative with culture. From creative onboarding processes, unconventional team-building exercises, and robust employee recognition programs, organizations have shaped tremendous workplace experiences. 

Why is it such a big deal? Here are just a few reasons:

Happy employees stay longer

A revolving door of employees is never fun. It also might signify culture-related issues that need to be addressed. Conversely, culture-rich companies often keep their employees in the fold indefinitely, and average job life is frequently measured in years rather than months. Teams familiar with one another aren’t constantly learning new processes or spending valuable time and resources onboarding a never-ending influx of new employees. 

Innovation and productivity 

In the popular film Office Space, which pokes fun at the sometimes-fickle nature of the professional world, the protagonist admits he does the bare minimum to keep his job. That’s because he despises where he works. Engaged team members, on the other hand, take pride in their work. They are more innovative, more productive, and more likely to collaborate with other team members on key projects and initiatives. That alone should be motivation enough for organizations to strive to create an enjoyable workplace environment. 

Cohesion during crisis

When difficult times arrive—and yes, the entire year of 2020 qualifies—the true depth of company culture is often revealed. This is when organizations can lean on their values and continue to produce results at a high level, despite extenuating circumstances. With a solid culture in place, max exoduses of employees are rare and team members often step up to help teammates and others in need of assistance

Positive company culture is a must-have, but it doesn’t happen simply by declaring it. It’s a process that occurs through deliberate action, only becoming organic when firmly in place and supported at every level of the organization. For multifamily organizations that have it, the benefits are apparent in their results, employee retention levels, and capacity for innovation.