Feb 17

Student Software: Made to Fit

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It’s about as close to a universal experience as you can find (although if you’re an only-child you may not relate): hand-me-downs. How many of us, in the name of economy, have found ourselves in the ill-fitting discarded fashion of our older siblings? Sometimes it works, more often than not it doesn’t. No surprise, it was made for someone else.

For years, student housing operators have been dealing with the technology equivalent of hand-me-downs; using systems that were built for conventional properties to try to meet the unique challenges of a student community. With enough work-arounds and manual processes, they could make do. But the solution was about as ideal as wearing your big brothers’ suit to the school dance. Sub-optimal.

With Entrata Student, the days of hand-me-down software for student housing are over. Entrata has built its system with the close collaboration of our clients who know the industry best. Features such as roommate matching, bulk unit assignment, and digital make-ready boards are not afterthoughts or add-ons, they are built directly into the same platform that manages accounting, leasing, payments, portals, and residents.

When you build something this awesome, people take note. Which is probably why Entrata Student is now used by more top student housing managers than any other software system. Visit our booth at the NAA Student Housing Conference in Chicago on February 14-15, and you’ll see why Entrata Student is so loved.

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