Mar 19

Streamlining the Marketing Funnel

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Newsletters

Leads are the lifeblood of a community’s success. Without them, there would be no leases and our beautiful apartment communities would sit mostly empty. Nobody likes that idea. But if not managed properly, fewer of these cherished commodities will actually convert to leases.

Many financial resources are dedicated to lead generation, but naturally, leads don’t convert without a nurturing process. The marketing funnel – a fancy marketing term for the entire lifecycle of the lead – must include timely follow-ups during the prospect’s awareness, consideration and decision-making stages.

That can be difficult to manage, particularly when overseeing several concurrent leads at various stages. That’s why, as much effort is put into initially acquiring leads, the community website is the most important part of the marketing funnel. It has to be easy to navigate and possess the capability for prospects to quickly uncover real-time information.

Marketing website portals specifically dedicated to displaying your listings in real time can assist in limiting the manual processes associated with a leasing team managing leads. A good website design will provide desired content that’s easy to find and essentially serve as a lead conversion tool that significantly lowers the time, money and resources spent per lease.

More and more communities adopt this type of website design and content strategy to help streamline the marketing funnel. Here is a look at some of the associated benefits:

Easy Optimization

A well-functioning website portal will integrate with a property management system and make it simple for a community to manage its online presence. With the ability to swap out photos, enter SEO keywords, refresh the design and add fresh content, many of the tiresome manual processes are replaced with efficient updates. Property managers can also install widgets and link to the community’s corporate and property websites and social media pages.

Increased Conversion

It is no secret that the longer a prospect remains on your website, the better chance they’ll eventually lease at your property. An adept prospect portal will do the heavy lifting by utilizing a highly structured layout to keep prospects on the page longer. This underrated strategy often equates to more leases than given credit for.  

Lead Generation

This type of software is primarily designed to nurture leads, but it can generate them, as well. By capturing online traffic currently in the market for a rental property and funneling it to the community site, the platform can offer prospects all the resources they need to research your property, including floor plan views, real-time availability, online applications, ratings and reviews, guest-card integrations and live chat capability.

Leads can be difficult to acquire. They are even more challenging to convert. But when a portal can offer flexible templates, showcase real-time data and integrate with a property management system, it can make life for an onsite team member easier, more efficient and move more leads down the marketing funnel to the point of lease conversion.