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By: Mika McIntosh, RentSauce Editor


The machine only works if all the pieces are in working order. Or, to put it more awesomely, if all the pieces are most excellent– to each other, to themselves. And it’s these pieces of the whole that we can thank when we passionately rise above mediocrity. But, we’ve recently realized, those pieces don’t get the recognition that they deserve, and it’s time we change that; we do more than just software, after all. We have events, videos… and who are the people behind all of that? We’d like to take the time to highlight those people and departments who have shown patterns of excellence but aren’t always in the spotlight.

Be the Real Deal: Entrata made the Utah Best Places to Work list, and that wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and wisdom that comes from HR. Always with an open ear, they take into account what Entrata team members want in terms of culture, be it movie nights, special events like our annual Hot Dog Eating Contest, or employee perks. They’re always asking and finding ways to improve our culture. And because of this, we produce employees who are thought leaders, and whose achievements get recognized even outside of our industry, like our COO Chase Harrington. Recently Chase was included on Utah Business Magazine’s list of 40 under 40, a list of forty individuals to watch out for as they rise through the ranks in Utah business.

Talk to Me Goose: Our support team takes their communication to the next level! And it’s not just because it’s their job, either. (By a raise of hands, how many of you have had a terrible experience with another company’s customer support? Lame, right?) Did you know that Entrata Support answers over 85% of all calls in under 30 seconds? That’s higher than both the industry and national average. In 2015 we had a Net Promoter Score of 40 that’s on par with some of the top companies in the world.

Be the Joneses: Consistently showing a pattern of excellence in story and production design, our branding wouldn’t be nearly as recognizable without our video team. A lot is demanded from them, and there’s always a new project (or two… or five…) waiting in the wings; there’s never down time. But not only do they always deliver, they always produce award winning  material that communicates our message (we’ve won AIM video awards three years in a row, and we’re waiting to hear back about this year) and brand in a way that empowers. Speaking of branding, it would be completely non-existent without the design team working in the background, curating and designing our website, every ad we send out, every mailer, every tee. And very often, they never directly get a thanks. They go through many design drafts and the challenges of getting the okay on multiple levels, but they always discuss and present their ideas clearly and are also an irreplaceable asset.

Be Excellent to Each Other: Like loving parents, Legal lets us know what we can and can’t do to keep everyone safe, always having the best interest of us and our clients in mind. They’re most excellent in how they explain the legal side of things to us, valuing our time and addressing the challenges behind each move we make expertly and concisely.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back: The epitome of taking their jobs seriously but never themselves, the SEO team are a bunch of lovable goofballs. Always on top of what’s new in the SEO industry, they know what it takes to get the results clients need, keeping close personal relationships with them in the process. They relish in their own eccentricity, thrive on the quirkiness of the company and industry, and find lightheartedness and humor in everything. They learned long ago that was the easiest (and most fun) way to survive the day to day and make every interaction worthwhile.

Everyone on the team strives to rise above mediocrity, each of them a piece creating the whole of Entrata. We’re proud to have so many Joneses with us, inspiring individuals who are top notch and never settle for “eh, that’s a’ight I guess.” We’re sorry it took so long to give you shout outs.

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