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Oct 20

Keeping Pace: A Look at New Apartment Product Offerings

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While new iterations of existing tech platforms can be compelling, nothing elicits more excitement than completely new products. 

The need for innovation never stops, and the Entrata team has been busy developing many platform enhancements in 2020. Team members shared updates of recent rollouts and things to come during Episode 3 of Entrata Connect.  continue

Oct 20

Entrata Design Studio Success Stories

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Apartment communities have tremendously reshaped their websites over the past several years. Bland, functional layouts have been replaced with more eye-popping, attention-grabbing pages layered with 3D photos and other visual elements to entice prospects. 

Entrata has aimed to aid the pursuit with its Creative Services branch. The company launched its Design Studio at the Entrata Summit in 2019, and several clients have since joined for in-person and virtual sessions. Those include Greystar Investment Group, Mill Creek Residential and RangeWater Real Estate, who discussed their respective experiences in Episode 3 of Entrata Connect.  continue

Sep 20

Screen Your Screening Tool

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The Key Components of a Verification Platform

Leasing teams spend the bulk of their time aiming to attract residents to their communities. But equally important is making certain that those prospective residents will live up to the terms of their lease. 

Tedious background checks have always been a not-so-exciting part of the leasing process, and they can become more frustrating when necessary information is ambiguous or unavailable. That’s why an increasing number of property management teams are opting for third-party verification services. 

It’s a forward-thinking approach, but not all verification platforms are built the same. Apartment operators should vet screening solutions and make certain the platform they choose offers trustworthy screening results and an advanced level of screening intelligence. 

Here are some of the features apartment operators should seek when considering potential verification solutions:  continue

Jun 20

Invest in Training

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Appropriate tech training increases the value of your organization’s software platform. Training platform users eliminates guesswork, improves process adoption and helps your team feel more comfortable with daily workflows. Luckily, Entrata’s training program offers a multitude of training options at no extra cost. continue

Apr 20

The Next Step in the Evolution of Leasing

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Advanced Account Verification is poised to become a multifamily game-changer.

Remember the days of rent check drop boxes? If a cold shiver just went down your spine, you’re not alone.

Automated banking services and online resident portals came to the rescue and helped prevent situations such as lost checks, delayed approvals and strained relationships with prospects and residents. They were, and still remain, the solutions that the apartment industry needed. 

Oct 17

Cyber Security Essentials

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Each October the Department of Homeland Security launches a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. With news of data breaches increasing in both frequency and scale, we think it’s a great time to look at a few of the essentials that should be in place to keep your residents’ data safe and secure.


Jul 17

Stop Running Away from Poor Reviews!

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Chances are your marketing efforts include creating profiles across a variety of social media to interact with residents and prospects, but even if you haven’t, your property is increasingly susceptible to online reviews. Not only are there more channels than ever for online reviews, the number of people using those channels to publish their opinions is growing. These days nearly 30 percent of occasional online users (twice as many as in 2014) report leaving up to five online reviews every year.

So what do you do when you pull up a profile to see that a former resident has left a one-star review on Google, or get a notification that someone has left an extensive rant on Yelp? You may be tempted to shut it all down. Here at Entrata, we’ve actually had customers contact us asking for help deleting Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yelp, and any other profile they can think of, hoping that if they don’t offer a place for people to talk, then nothing bad can be said. continue

Apr 17

Better Security. Better Rankings. Free.

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A safer internet is an initiative that we can all get behind. Webmasters who implement Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption on their pages help achieve this goal by ensuring more secure server connections. Since 2015 Google has been a cheerleader for SSL certificates, going so far as changing their indexing system last year to actively seek out HTTPS pages. In short, taking the steps to make your website safe not only protects the security of your data and the privacy of your users, it can actually give you a competitive advantage with search engine presence. continue

Jan 17

How To Convince Your Renters to Get Insurance: Lessons I Learned From Renting My First Apartment

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Today, I would like to make a tribute to those not-so-happy moments as a resident. Those moments when you accidentally light something on fire, or flood your living room. Those moments while in the depths of panic you have that annoying thought in the back of your mind, “I really should have purchased renters insurance.”

I also want to argue the benefits of requiring renters insurance on your properties. But before I begin, let me bring a little humor to the scene. Lets take it back a few years — to the golden years — to college.


Jul 16

Reacting to Disruptive Technology Like a Techprenuer

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There isn’t an industry in the world that’s immune to the disruptive technology trend – even multifamily.

Yes, even the industry that has been labeled behind the times by publications such as TechCrunch is susceptible to game-changing disruption. Sharing economy services like Airbnb are already threatening to disrupt the way business has always been done in the multifamily industry. While it hasn’t yet gained full traction, it could.