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Jan 19

Difficult Conversations Less Challenging With Preemptive Measures

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It’s inevitable. Whether the community you manage is affordable or Class A-plus to the max, residents are never going to be eternally happy. No matter how dreamy your amenities or robust your service levels, the occasional difficult conversation is unavoidable.

Sometimes the resident is upset about a renewal increase or the racket caused by an onsite renovation. Sometimes their discontent stems from their co-residents. Other times, they’re mad just for the sake of being mad. While peacemaker isn’t among the primary duties listed in a leasing associate’s job description, the ability to diffuse tension is an underrated quality in the apartment world. continue

Dec 18

Are Catastrophic Failures Worse Than Ordinary Ones?

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Avoiding disastrous mistakes is a primary objective for any onsite team. But there is a more-subtle concept that can help keep residents in the building: consistency.

Companies across all industries generally think that a catastrophic failure is the No. 1 way to lose customers. In actuality, a series of small customer-service failures has more power when it comes to alienating them.

That’s according to Luke Williams, who shared a bevy of customer-service myths at the 2018 Entrata Summit. Here, we’ll examine the catastrophic failure myth and how it pertains to the apartment industry. continue

Dec 18

Introducing Message Center Template Library

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Entrata’s Message Center lets properties communicate easily and efficiently with residents and prospects through branded and scheduled messaging. And now, with Message Center’s new template libraries with user permissions, we’re offering even better control to help promote brand consistency and empower site-level teams to communicate more effectively.

Communication is vital, and Message Center is a powerful tool. What can you do with Message Center templates? continue

Feb 18

Go Paperless, Plant a Tree

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Updated July 25, 2018

We’re excited to announce that since launching our Plant a Tree campaign back in February, over 9,400 residents living at ResidentUtility properties have opted out of paper invoices! These efforts have resulted in 9,400 trees being planted around the world due to our partnership with One Tree Planted. While we’re quickly approaching our goal of planting 10,000 trees, we’d love to keep the momentum going throughout the entire year!  

For more information on the Plant a Tree campaign, including how to get your properties involved, read the below article. For access to sample posts to share on your property’s social media page, email us at

Dec 17

How to Lose a Resident in 5 Ways

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How to Lose a Resident in 5 WaysFeedback we’ve seen in the ResidentPortal app is providing unique insight into some of your residents’ biggest pet peeves. The bad news: if you’re not meeting expectations you may soon be dealing with an unnecessary vacancy. The good news: often a simple settings adjustment can resolve the issue and keep residents happily in place.

The feedback your residents are leaving in the ResidentPortal app is understandably limited to the kinds of services they expect the app to provide. But an analysis of their messages identified a handful of expectations that renters feel strongly about, including: continue

Dec 17

Educating Renters on The Importance of Renters Insurance

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Flooded ApartmentLet’s face it: most apartment renters don’t want to deal with renters insurance.

After having to pay for rent, pet rent, parking and whatever additional ancillary fees their community might require, taking on another expense is probably the last thing renters want to do. But finding out the hard way that they should have had renters insurance is even worse.

That’s why educating renters on the importance of renters insurance is an increasingly recommended practice for apartment operators. continue

Nov 17

Voice-Activated Smart Home Living

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In a session at the recent NMHC OpTech Conference, panelists ruled on the debate over whether or not to add smart home technology to apartments: It’s not a matter of if, but when. What a smart apartment actually looks or sounds, however, is still very much in question. continue

Jul 17

Entrata + Home Automation = Entratamation!

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For decades, homeowners have been reaping benefits from smart home technology. As many as 30% of Americans have already installed smart home technology, and studies show these early adopters are saving an average of $1000 a year and as much as 30 minutes each day. However, the smart home industry’s early focus on homeowners has kept renters in the blind spot of these innovations. In many cases, homeowners’ deeper pockets and stronger desire to invest in their homes have made them the ideal market for a nascent industry, but times are changing. continue

Feb 17

Your Residents are Waiting to Hear from You

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shutterstock_613339448 (1)When you’re trying to get an important message across, how and when you communicate can matter just as much as the message itself. It’s true with friends, colleagues, strangers, and it’s true with your residents. We’ve discovered that you can make your resident communications more effective using technology tools to make sure the messages you send are getting to them how and when they’re most receptive.

Channel Surfing: Email messaging is still king when it comes to resident communication, and over half of residents are reading those emails on their phones. So do the sweet thing and make sure your email templates and messages are optimized for mobile devices. But remember, while 72 percent of people surveyed in a Litmus study expressed a preference for email communications, one size will never fit all. Letting residents opt in to optional SMS messaging, emails, or other channels means you’re more likely to get their attention.

A Matter of Timing: Communications tools like those in Message Center can take a lot of the heartache out of resident communications by letting you schedule messages around event triggers (upcoming renewals, for example) and getting the word out to large groups with a single send. But beware the temptation to “set it and forget it.” Use analytics to determine when your resident messaging is most effective and tweak as needed.

Can you Hear Me? Mom used to say, “You have two ears and only one mouth for a reason.” She was right, as usual. If residents don’t feel like you’re listening, all the snappy emails in the world won’t make you a good communicator. Tech tools built into the ResidentPortal app and services like Leasing Center can make it easy for residents to get your attention and reassure them that they’re coming through loud and clear.

Whatever processes you implement or technology you employ, make sure to keep a close eye on the available reporting so you can catch and correct ineffective practices early and keep communication channels open.

Jan 17

Google is Cracking Down on Annoying Pop-Up Ads

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January 10, 2017 is the day Google said no to pop-ups (also known as interstitials or splash images). While the new change may seem like a hindrance to your current lead generation and marketing practices, it should be welcomed as pop-ups are already reducing the amount of visitors to your site and page duration by more than ten percent.

The new change is all a part of Google’s invigorated effort to improve the user experience on mobile devices. The good news is there is an alternative to improve your prospect experience, make Google happy and get the information you need from prospects. A win-win-win-win-win.