Resident Screening: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

Most properties have some sort of screening process to check out an applicant’s credit rating and/or rental history before allowing them to sign a lease. It’s a sad fact that it’s often better to identify and avoid a bad resident in the first place rather than try to remove one after they’ve already moved in.

Regardless of the screening vendor you use, Entrata has made it simple to integrate applicant screening into the online application process. This removes the need for leasing agents to manually re-enter applicant info and significantly reduces the time applicants need to wait to find out whether or not their application is approved. Entrata's best-of-breed integrations helps streamline the application and screening process for both property managers and renters alike.

Resident screening vendors can provide searches on thousands of data-points, allowing you to select your criteria for accepting residents into your community. Sometimes a credit check isn’t enough. You can verify criminal records, income history, and rental history for every applicant. And you can calibrate screening results: i.e., instead of using a simple pass/fail system you can flag applicants that should require a co-signer or guarantor.

Don’t want to change your screening provider? Chances are you won’t have to. Property Solutions provides tested integrations with most of the industry’s top screening vendors, including:

Transunion CreditRetriever LexisNexis On-Site First Advantage CoreLogic SafeRent RentGrow Screening Reports RealPage Leasing Desk VeriFirst Rental History Reports (RHR) ResidentCheck

Resident screening can help you avoid potential management nightmares and make your community a safer, more enjoyable place to live. Entrata makes it simple. Watch a demo or give us a call today.

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