May 18

Renovate Your Websites

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Marketing,Technology

1080x1080 copy@3x-100Apartment communities spend a lot of time and energy providing a positive living experience for residents and developing a strong curb appeal at their properties. And while focusing on these areas is an important aspect of successfully managing a property, it unfortunately means that attention to digital curb appeal often takes a backseat.

Ensuring that a visit to your website offers the same brand experience as a visit to your community is a step in the right direction, but it’s only half the battle. In addition to looking nice, your property website needs to function. This means that your property website not only does everything your residents want it to do, but that it’s set up to make life easier for you by connecting workflows and positively impacting your bottom line.

Luckily, the Entrata platform is your one-stop shop for everything you need to effectively build and manage your online presence! To help you get started, here are five features Entrata provides that will help you get started on renovating your websites and perfecting your digital curb appeal:

Save time and money with free SSL Certificates. Reassure your prospects that their information is protected by securing their session end-to-end with Entrata-managed SSL Certificates. They’re easy to set up and free.  

Be there when your prospects need you. Our websites offer live chat, two-way texting, email and click-to-dial phone contact. Our Multi-Contact Button brings all these communication features into one place, and simplifies the process of contacting your property.

Send targeted ads at key moments. Leveraging the GPS capabilities of mobile devices, geofencing allows you to set a virtual perimeter around your properties. Targeted ads will be delivered to your prospects as they enter the perimeter.

Convert more leads. Leveraging data from thousands of websites, we design the user experience to produce a greater number of conversions.

Connect your workflows. Utilizing the power of Entrata’s platform, you can manage your websites, reputation, social media campaigns and ILS listings all in one place.

Spend more time being thoughtful and creative in your job as a marketer by letting the Entrata platform do the heavy lifting when it comes to managing an effective website. Contact your Entrata sales representative to get started!

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