Jul 14

Proven Ways to Increase Online Payments

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Company Announcements,Newsletters

online rent payments, awareness campaign, facebook Just three months after announcing our Paperless Payment Program to the industry, we’re starting to see the results. And, just as we expected, they’re consistently great. As more and more properties make a culture shift toward online payments, residents are embracing the technology and convenience offered by the ability to pay their rent from any computer or smartphone.


Michael Wise, Director of Marketing and Leasing at RAM Partners, LLC, is working closely with his properties to message online payments to residents.  In conjunction with the Independence Day holiday, properties posted Facebook messages like this one which reads “This week, we celebrate the many FREEDOMS we enjoy. Don’t forget, you can submit your rent payment online: FOR FREE! Ask your local RAM Leasing Team how.”


Wise and RAM Partner properties are also promoting online payments using slogans like “Drop the Dropbox” and resident awareness campaigns. The properties are already seeing results: “We have a brand new lease-up in Nashville,” he said. “And our assistant manager was proud to tell our corporate tour there last week that they’ve only accepted two checks since we broke ground! Everyone was very impressed.”


Michael Wise will join Property Solutions ResidentPay team for a free webinar on July 22 to discuss RAM Partners success with online payments and review proven ways to increase online payment participation. Register today and learn how your properties can benefit from the increased efficiencies and cost savings of improved adoption rates for online rent payments.