Dec 16

ParcelAlert & The Holiday Mailroom

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Christmas is approaching and that means packages, packages, and more packages. As many property management professionals know, the billion dollar online shopping industry shows no signs of slowing down. We probably don’t have to tell you that a typical 200-unit building receives over 50 packages per day. (Multifamily Insiders) It’s clear: property managers need something efficient and effective to clear out their mail rooms.

Cue ParcelAlert. With its new streamlined functionality, getting the right package to the right resident is a no-brainer. Easily sign for packages, search quickly for resident’s information, and scan barcodes from shipping labels to track deliveries. It’s all under control with the ease and organization ParcelAlert provides. Over 11 million packages were processed via ParcelAlert in 2015 and it’s still growing.

In addition, connecting with residents is easier when you communicate how they communicate. For example, did you know that the average, multifamily resident will pick up their packages around 3:00 p.m.? Similarly, residents pick up their packages 15% faster when they are notified by text than when they are notified by email.

ParcelAlert will automatically notify residents via text or email (based on their preference) as soon as a package arrives. And we’ve just implemented automatic push notifications for your residents who use the ResidentPortal app, so they’ll know the moment their package arrives. We predict this will result in even faster pickup times.

Don’t let the online shopping binge get the better of your mail room. Check out more of our ParcelAlert data below: 


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