Automated Renewal Options for Property Management Software

We’re pleased to announce a new feature to our online leasing and renewals product: Automated Renewal Options. Our system now allows property managers to email renewal notices to residents with multiple renewal terms and pricing options so managers can generate the resident’s new lease based on their response.

Managers can now add renewal incentives or resident rewards to the email, allowing residents to choose between customizable options like carpet cleaning, an accent wall, or other promotions or concessions.

Thanks to Entrata's industry-leading integration between our web-based software and your property management software, one more step in the renewal option process can now be automated. Our system can identify residents whose lease is about to expire, send scheduled email notices with your choice of renewal options, generate leases with the residents’ preference, and execute the renewal without ever printing a single piece of paper. The new functionality is now available to all clients using our online lease signing software. If you’d like more information, contact your account manager or watch a demo today.

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