Dec 17

Nurturing a Culture of Corporate Giving

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Newsletters

dec_secondIt’s not just a seasonal thing; corporate philanthropy is a keystone of today’s values-driven companies and can build community relations, employee engagement, and a positive culture throughout your organization. Entrata’s value of “Be Excellent to Each Other” helps define the giving culture at our company and influences how we, our employees, and our partners in the industry get involved in various causes. Along the way, we’re picking up tips that may be helpful to you and your company.

Connect with your Cause: It’s easier to get people involved in causes that they see as immediate and relatable. Our employees have participated in a number of fundraising events, and the most successful are those that benefit co-workers, community members, or causes within our industry. Even when the cause is bigger, such as recent hurricane relief efforts, people tended to be more generous when the issue is brought a little closer to home. For example, when a colleague from the Virgin Islands worked to collect emergency supplies for people back home, it made headlines more relatable and rallied a huge employee effort.

Make it Easy to Give: People are remarkably generous. But sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be for them to show it. Collecting for a cause has proven to be much more effective when we put simple tools in place that make it easy for people to act on their generous impulses. For example, Entrata often allows employees to designate a donation amount to be deducted from their paycheck. We’ve also built tools that allow properties to collect donations when residents pay rent. It’s quite effective, lets people give without giving it much thought, and saves you from having to keep track of cash or process checks.

Harness the Power of Passionate People:  You’ll know them when you see them. At Entrata many of them make up our Values committee, holding bake sales and raffles twice a year to raise funds for worthy causes. Recognize the energy that your most passionate team members have for the valuable resource that it is, and then stand back and get out of their way.

Don’t try to Reinvent the Wheel: When Entrata went looking for philanthropic opportunities that aligned with our values and had an impact within our industry, we didn’t have to look very far. Shelters to Shutters was brought to our attention by clients and industry partners, and it was an organization that checked every box. Our two-year partnership with a proven organization means that our contributions are more effective and go a lot farther than if we were trying to address homelessness all by ourselves.

Doing good feels good. We highly recommend it.