Aug 20

Recognizing Apartment Onsite Teams

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Through the last few months, as the apartment rental industry has faced unpredictable challenges, we’ve seen onsite teams leap into action. On top of their day-to-day workflows, they’ve suddenly found themselves facilitating local social distancing ordinances, dropping off groceries for quarantined residents, implementing technologies for contactless leasing, and keeping their communities running smoothly in a chaotic, ever-changing world. The women and men at the front-lines of multifamily have been instrumental in keeping their residents safe and their companies profitable despite unprecedented challenges. continue

Aug 20

Trinity’s Transition to ResidentVerify Has Been a Win

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Online reviews often scathe apartment operators for lack of transparency about upfront fees. Trinity Property Consultants never wants to be on the receiving end of that complaint. The Irvine, Calif.-based apartment operator, which manages student and conventional apartment communities, even has a term that shows its commitment to upfront and honest online pricing: RENTsparency

 “We don’t want anyone to feel bamboozled,” said Carla Alicea, Vice President of Marketing and Training for Trinity. “We want to avoid wasting our Team Member’s time, and we never want to waste the applicant’s time and money on non-refundable application processing fees. 

 Alicea is serious about not wasting anyone’s time or money.  In order to make the online leasing process more transparent, Trinity set out to improve its applicant screening process. continue

Aug 20

Contactless Leasing Today & Tomorrow

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Prior to the pandemic, the leasing process was already shifting. While classic tours remained a staple, an increasing number of options were becoming available to prospects in the form of virtual, remote and self-guided tours. 

As the pandemic hit, those contactless options not only became more sought out—they became a necessity.  continue

Aug 20

ResidentPay in Canada

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We share a continent and a common language. And now the U.S. and Canada have one more thing in common. Entrata has announced the availability of ResidentPay online payments for our clients with Canadian properties.  continue

Jul 20

Flipping the Script on the Leasing Team

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How technology can assist with offline touch points

Throughout the tech revolution, the essential skills of a leasing agent have largely remained the same. Provide a welcoming smile, regularly walk the tour path to make certain nothing is amiss and clean up for-show units so they are ready for the eyes of prospects. 

It’s all part of the standardized training process, which is similar for maintenance teams and additional onsite associates. But although tech hasn’t replaced these non-digital activities, it certainly has provided a way to make them easier and more streamlined. Essentially, it serves as the conduit that can bring together various onsite teams. 

New technology tools allow teams to interact more rapidly, address any community issues efficiently and expeditiously, and provide modern touring experiences for both residents and leasing staff.  Here are a few examples: continue

Jul 20

The Pros & Cons of Consumer Brand Partnerships

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Very few in the business world would dispute the power of partnerships. The challenge exists in finding the right partner, one that is mutually beneficial and genuinely moves the needle for an organization. 

The multifamily industry has gotten more aggressive in implementing partnerships with consumer brands in recent years, but it remains a work in progress. The growing number of partnerships is largely concentrated among tech providers, most notably in the smart-home category.  continue

Jul 20

The Touchpoint of Multi-Touch Attribution: Impacts to Future Multifamily Tech Adoption

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A few years back, multi-touch attribution was a fledgling concept. The ability to accurately track an entire customer journey didn’t seem entirely feasible. But it is now a reality and has created a significant boost for multifamily marketing teams, providing greater visibility into the customer journey. 

Not only can marketing teams track a customer’s path to conversion. They can also see the combination of sources that result in the most conversions and measure the step-by-step process of marketing channels that lead to higher conversion rates. This enables teams to delegate future marketing expenditures accordingly. 

So what’s next?  continue

Jun 20

Entrata Virtual Backgrounds

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We were contemplating the sad news of a year without a Summit and flipping through some photos from last year’s kickoff when inspiration struck!

We have decided to share some of our favorite pix for you to download as virtual backgrounds. Here are a few of our choices to liven up your digital meetings and keep the spirit of the Summit alive. continue

Jun 20

Entrata Cancels 2020 Summit

Posted by: Chase Harrington | Category: Summit,Values

It’s no secret that Entrata takes its Value of “Business in the Front, Party in the Back” very seriously. Each year we have invited you to experience that Value with us, live and in person, at the Summit in Park City. This unusual year, however, is compelling us to rethink this tradition, and we have made the difficult decision to cancel 2020’s Summit. continue

Jun 20

The Value of Enhanced Reporting

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Navigating reports has never been among an apartment professional’s favorite things to do. And when those reports are flawed, their aversion to them grows. 

 To be fair, many common complaints surrounding reports are difficult to argue. Among the most common we hear: They are incomplete, not thorough enough, too convoluted, take too long to generate, contain too much information, present data that’s hard to quantify, and—if we want to border on nerdy—aren’t granular enough. 

Thankfully, the myriad of grievances hasn’t gone unnoticed by the industry. As abstract as they may seem, reports are an integral facet of an apartment community’s decision-making process. It’s a matter of making them more user-friendly and more inspiring for community teams.

That effort is well underway, as Entrata is committed to extending enhanced reporting capabilities to its partners. Here are some of the advancements Entrata is working on and the potential benefits to the user experience: continue