Mar 21

Natural Language Solutions

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Practical Applications for Multifamily

As natural language solutions become more advanced, the multifamily industry is taking notice—albeit at a measured pace. 

AI-fueled innovations such as chatbots are a great fit for the apartment world and are becoming increasingly popular. As machine learning acquires a stronger grasp on natural language, chatbots can adeptly answer a wider variety of questions from prospects in instant-messenger fashion. 

So far, multifamily hasn’t delved much further than chatbots when incorporating natural language solutions into their processes. But the technology has significant potential to offer a variety of new solutions to the industry moving forward:

Identify and resolve user input failures. Oftentimes typos or simple errors can delay a leasing application or maintenance request. Natural language solutions are becoming more savvy in recognizing what the applicant or submitter is trying to say in the input fields and correcting them on the fly to avoid delays. 

The capability to understand the language semantics across multiple languages. This is a huge step moving forward, as natural language solutions are becoming increasingly savvy in multiple languages. Whether in a chatbot setting or a data-entry input setting, the ability to understand the nuances of disparate languages will help expedite the collection of information. 

The ability to repurpose processed input for future interactions. While this falls into the automation realm, a natural language solution can help make relevant applicant data and other inputted information readily available moving forward. That way, duplicate fields are already filled out when the user moves along to another application or document. 

Reduction of human effort in tedious customer service and operational procedures. While advanced AI measures cannot replace the human experience, few will complain if it helps expedite laborious manual processes. The solutions can increase efficiencies with invoices, application processes, and other repetitive data-entry tasks and allow associates to focus on creating meaningful human interactions. 

Aggregate inputted data for market research and analysis purposes. True data analysis is largely a human thing. But natural language processing and machine learning can aggregate datasets on the backend—essentially taking care of the busywork component—and queue them up for teams to make insightful decisions. 

While chatbots have made an impact in the apartment industry, they only scratch the surface of the ways natural language solutions can provide a boost to operators and onsite teams. The concepts outlined above, among others, have not yet achieved widespread adoption within the industry, but have the potential to make a profound impact very soon.