Sep 19

Matrix Residential & Entrata Forge Winning Partnership

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Summit

The partnership is only fitting. Matrix Residential strives to differentiate itself from other apartment companies through its unique culture and trademark brand of service. To a large extent, Entrata echoes that mission in the software space.

“We chose to partner with Entrata because we feel that our company cultures are very similar,” said Tracy Bowers, managing director of Matrix Residential. “Our mission statement is to create exceptional experiences for those who live with us, work with us and invest with us. We actually looked at Entrata’s core values and mission statement and it has helped build what we have today.”

Matrix Residential, which shared its story at the 2019 Entrata Summit, is a hip company that believes nepotism is OK (if we like you, we’ll probably like your family members) and has a somewhat risqué-worded policy about their ambition only to work with kindhearted associates and vendors. (Feel free to ask them about it!)

Matrix owns and manages more than 33,000 units over 130 properties and has a heavy presence in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions. The company is continually working its way west, and the partnership with Entrata has helped cultivate that quest by allowing existing property management teams to thrive. 

“One of the things that makes Entrata so much easier to use is the ease of integration and open API,” said Kenneth Jackson, software director of Matrix Residential. “That’s huge to us. We’ve had several instances where Entrata was able to integrate and another platform was not.”

Added Brian Brantley, director of information technology for Matrix Residential: “You don’t want to have five windows open and figure out which one you’re working in. The ability to integrate is a game-changer.” 

Life is much easier for Matrix’s onsite teams using a fully customized property management system with a single dashboard and integration capabilities. Matrix particularly utilizes SiteTablet to help foster personal connections, considering much of today’s onsite leasing is done on a comfortable couch with the use of iPads. 

In addition, the ability for maintenance teams to receive notifications through ResidentPortal has helped Matrix become more efficient with service requests, and the Entrata platform has allowed onsite teams to have better success tracking apartment homes with multiple residents on the lease.  

“Roommates come and go, and keeping track of them on most systems can be a little clunky,” said Fannie Thomas, software training manager for Matrix Residential. “But with Entrata it’s seamless.”

Another of Matrix’s philosophies is not to be content with something just because it’s the way you’ve always done it. For instance, many apartment operators send staggered renewal notifications at the 120, 90, 60 and 30-day marks. Entrata’s Message Center has challenged Matrix to rethink that standard practice and customize their approach to determine if a more effective method can be used. 

“Entrata thinks about things differently and that’s what we like,” Bowers said. “Once you learn their system, you don’t want to go back to anything else.”