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Aug 19

The Rise of the Chatbot

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Let’s face it. It’s a matter of when and not if chatbots become part of the everyday backdrop in the apartment world. But if the early advent of chatbots has taught us anything, it’s that the tech has to be consistent for it to be effective.

Using the chatbots to answer common questions for prospects is efficient and a timesaver. According to HubSpot, 47 percent of consumers are open to buying items through a chatbot, and the percentage continues to rise. But if the chatbot gets stuck in a loop when it doesn’t understand a question or can’t provide specific answers, it’s not going to result in many leases. continue

Jul 19

Technology + Marketing = A Winning Combination for Apartment Renters

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The modern renter is more tech-savvy and digitally based than ever. Yet when searching for an apartment, 40 percent of prospects are unable to find a link to apply and 43 percent of current renters are unsure how to pay rent online, according to an Entrata study.

 That means the apartment industry not only has to incorporate technologies, but also ensure they are convenient, user-friendly and intuitive for prospects and residents alike – regardless of their digital prowess. The quicker marketing teams can incorporate relevant technology into their processes, the more rapidly they’ll fill up their communities, as discussed in the Apartmentalize 2019 session Technology + Marketing = Winning Combination for Apartment Renters. continue

May 19

The New Rules of SEO

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Like technology itself, search engine optimization is a constant work in progress that twists and contorts with each new innovation. But some SEO best practices remain the same as tech continues to chug along.

Those who strike the balance of meshing existing methods with evolving concepts will have the most success in their SEO efforts and draw the most users to their websites. Here’s an inventory of what hasn’t changed – and what has – on the SEO front. continue

Mar 19

What’s New About Multi-Touch Attribution?

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Like most tech advancements, the road leading to multi-touch attribution has been long and uphill. Multi-touch software has existed outside of multifamily for years, but industry-specific solutions, like those found in Entrata’s Marketing Suite, are fairly new and will continue to evolve. And like many developing concepts, the latest version is typically the greatest.

Multi-touch attribution, the practice of crediting each touch point in the renter journey on weighted basis, is a solution multifamily has been anxiously awaiting, but will quickly become standard operating procedure. continue

Feb 19

How Customer Acquisition has Changed

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Car dealerships no longer rely on full-page newspaper ads. Department stores are using snail-mail campaigns less and less. Name the industry, and odds are that the way they attract customers has significantly changed in the digital age.

The apartment industry is certainly no different, as renter preferences seem to evolve on a monthly basis. That puts the onus on marketing teams to continue to refine approaches to attract and remain relevant to prospective renters.   continue

Oct 18

Digital Marketing Strategies for More Qualified Leads

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The days of love-at-first-sight apartment conversions are dwindling, particularly in the digital space.

With various options in a hyper-competitive market, prospective renters have become more selective than ever when deciding on a home. In fact, the average renter peruses at least five lead sources when searching for their next home.

Those lead-source sites can vary from a community website, Internet Listing Service, social media, review sites and several others. Essentially, the renter is on a journey when selecting a home.

Marketing teams that track that unique journey can glean a competitive advantage by utilizing the data to attract more prospects. The problem is, many teams credit a conversion to the first or last site visited by the prospect. When a prospect visits several lead sources, the first or last touch point is only part of the story.

That’s why multi-source attribution platforms are becoming more relevant in today’s multifamily landscape. Many consider it a necessity. This platform takes into account every lead source visited by a prospect and assigns credit on a weighted basis. The benefits of multi-source attribution include: continue

Oct 18

Multi-Industry Executive Guber Enlightens Summit Audience

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Whether it’s the entertainment industry, professional sports or rental housing, you shouldn’t strive to attract customers. You should aim to speak to your audience.

That’s according to multi-industry executive, entrepreneur and author Peter Guber, who delivered an impassioned keynote speech at the 2018 Entrata Summit in Park City, Utah. According to Guber, using words like “customers” and “employees” sound transactional and cold. An audience is engaged and ready to absorb your message.

“Audiences expect experiences and you have to delight them,” Guber said. “You have to demonstrate that they have a stake in what’s happening.”

Guber might be on to something. The CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group is also the executive chairman of the Golden State Warriors and co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles FC of Major League Soccer. He’s the former chairman and chief executive officer of Sony Pictures. That resume indicates that he’s catered to several different types of audiences throughout his career. continue

Oct 18

Marketing Smarter, Not Harder

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Marketers inherently work smarter today. They have to, thanks to the information age. But they’re also working harder than ever to keep up with a vast array of marketing channels and highly demanding prospects and residents.

Today’s multifamily marketers can adequately measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, reach millions of prospective residents with the tap of a finger, and target their advertising to exactly the right audience. For all the benefits these digital marketing tools have created for the marketing discipline, there is one challenge that’s becoming a never-ending battle — there aren’t enough hours in the day to manage every marketing channel and meet resident and prospect needs.

To avoid working non-stop 24/7 or managing massive teams that can cover the tasks 24/7, today’s multifamily marketers are turning to technology and outsourced services to help them work smarter, not harder. Call centers, chatbots, marketing automation and lead management tools are empowering marketers to be more effective and more efficient. continue

Oct 18

Omar Johnson Dazzles, Inspires in Entrata Summit 2018 Keynote Session

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His creative methods helped morph Beats by Dre headphones into a $1.1 billion company. He helped spearhead a viral social media campaign for the movie Straight Outta Compton that had much of the nation creating personalized memes inspired by the film.

And on Sept. 12, Omar Johnson enlightened Entrata Summit 2018 attendees with insights that could improve multifamily marketing in a keynote session in Park City, Utah. The marketing executive, who also utilized his outside-the-box approach to serve as a boon to the product development of Coca-Cola, Nike, Kraft Foods and others, shared how Beats became an international phenomenon and encouraged apartment professionals to dedicate increased focus on the emotional cravings of their residents and prospects. continue

Aug 18

What Does Marketing Data Say About Online Conversion?

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Data_FBWhen marketing teams peruse their data, their eyes usually drift toward two primary metrics – leads and leases. The data surrounding those numbers often gets overlooked.

That’s a mistake, much like viewing only the scoring and rebounding averages of a basketball player, when several other metrics such as shooting percentage, assists, steals, blocked shots and player efficiency rating provide a deeper analysis of the athlete’s acumen.

While the quantity of leads and leases are clearly important metrics, marketing teams should also be peering closely at conversion rates, volume of impressions on various channels and prospect data, such as location, demographics and psychographic of those potentially considering the property.

Here are a few deeper metrics that can provide a clearer picture of how effectively your marketing efforts are working and lead to more informed choices with your channels: continue