Feb 16

Making Residents Pay….Online

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Remember getting letters? In the mail? You might, but there is a growing percentage of our readers who do not. And there are whole swaths of our society made up of adults who have never mailed a bill in their lives. But old habits die hard, and despite the normalization of online interactions, many multifamily properties still collect the majority of rent via paper checks. You may still be taking most resident maintenance requests by phone. Maybe you still tape notices to unit doors.

But you don’t have to. The team at Entrata has made simplifying your transition to online resident interactions one of our top priorities. Because, let’s face it, collecting rent online, digitizing work orders, and generally moving towards paperless systems isn’t just more convenient for your residents, it has the potential to save you lots of time and money.

But it’s a transition. It’s change. And there’s a little more to it than activating a website or payment portal and waiting for residents to do the rest. That’s where we are in a great position to help. We’ve been providing platforms for best-of-breed online payment processing and interactive resident portals for over a decade. And we’ve learned a thing or two about the best ways to engage and interact with residents online.

Entrata has been promoting our paperless payments program across the country to great success in recent years. Beyond just making online payments available, the program works in partnership with your properties to educate and inform residents, leading to unprecedented levels of resident participation.

“Lincoln Property Company is proud to have released the paperless payment program within several regions at our company,” said Nicole McLemore, Lincoln’s National Special Projects Manager. “Entrata did all the training and provided collateral for our roll out making it super easy! Our goal as a company was to reach 80% and we did that and more in the regions that participated. We will continue to roll the program out to all of our regions by 2016.”

“We didn’t have to invest the time or the resources into getting promotional materials and communication out to the residents,” said Laurel Zacher, Director of Marketing at Weidner. “Entrata became an extension of our marketing team and took care of all the heavy lifting for us.”

Additionally, several weeks ago Entrata’s new ResidentPortal app became available in the iTunes store for free download. In a short period of time, over 16,000 residents have downloaded and started using the app, making it possible to easily interact with property management and complete common transactions with their mobile device.

Beyond the cool software, however, we’ve worked closely with clients to identify sound strategies and best practices to help your leasing offices adopt (dare we say embrace) this brave new connected world. We want to share. Join a discussion of success stories and lessons learned with representatives from Lincoln Property Company and Weidner Residential on February 23. Register for the webinar  today.

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