Making the Most of the LMS

Last year, Entrata made some new and exciting changes to our training offerings that are designed to help clients get the greatest benefit from our software.  Launching our new Learning Management System (LMS)—complete with easily accessible product documentation, process videos, and more—was just the start. Last month we also announced totally free product training workshops at our Utah headquarters. With all of these choices and changes, some clients have wondered the best way to go about using the LMS.  Here are some tips:

1. Start early. While it’s never too late to learn something new, getting a good foundation under your feet before you jump into a new software program can prevent unnecessary stress and confusion. With this in mind, project managers assign LMS courses to new clients for primary and administrative users at the earliest stages of implementation. The same principle applies to new hires or team members transitioning into new duties: take a little time to work through the courses that apply right off the bat. You’ll be amazed what a difference it makes.

2. Go deep. We can’t recommend the new Training Guides available in Entrata strongly enough. Whether you’re on a self-guided journey or training a group, these documents can be used to easily access a variety of additional training resources and suggested training exercises to reach expert level on the products you use.

3. Focus. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to a glean a few granules of useful information from a massive pile of irrelevant data. We’re building our courses around the products you use and will soon be implementing tiered courses for basic and advanced functions, so you don’t need to clutter your thoughts with anything that’s not really truly useful.

Entrata has been working very hard to create the smartest, most convenient, and most effective training materials for our clients. As with anything new, we recognize that there are opportunities to work out the kinks and keep improving. If you’ve got feedback for us about our LMS, pass it along to your Project Manager or Client Executive. With your help, we’ll continue to offer you the best software training in the industry.

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