Sep 19

Landmark Properties & Entrata: An Excellent Pairing

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Summit

Don’t expect any paper deliveries to the offices of Landmark Properties anytime soon. The onsite team won’t need them, because they’ve gone completely paperless. In fact, you might not see certain team members at the office at all on given days, because they can now access their documents and contracts from afar. 

Landmark, the nation’s top developer and contractor of student housing, has leveraged its partnership with Entrata to streamline processes and make life easier for its onsite teams. Landmark has also participated in several Entrata beta product trials and currently utilizes the platform to completely customize property operations. 

“The platform we were with before Entrata was clunky, not user-friendly, unresponsive and they certainly weren’t proactive,” said James Whitley, co-founder and chief operating officer of Landmark. “When we made that switch, we discovered that Entrata has a very entrepreneurial approach, asks for feedback and has a how-can-we-get-better mentality. It’s been a tremendous alignment of interests and they’ve been a great partner.”

Kevin Howe, senior vice president of operations for Landmark, had taken part in a previous migration to Entrata at a smaller company. After arriving at Landmark and observing the company’s growth, new equity partners and several long-term holds, he realized Landmark’s existing platform needed to be updated. 

“We had to make some changes for a couple of reasons,” Howe said. “One, the platform itself. Two, the timing of our growth, and three, the culture we had to uphold. I’m not a hard-sell person, but I convinced our team to visit Entrata, talk to them, demo it, feel it and come back and see if we want to go in this direction.”

Upon viewing the platform, it was a landslide decision to adopt it. Entrata has helped Landmark develop a customized customer-service platform built around resident surveys. The company strives for a 97 percent satisfaction rating, and the most recent data indicated 99 percent satisfaction. 

“I had used three different systems in my career and figured they were mostly all the same,” said Keri Goins, operations system coordinator for Landmark. “I was initially skeptical that Entrata would be that much better – but it is. The ability to customize, duplicate tabs and work in bulk is a game-changer.”

Landmark continues to closely monitor all new product updates and envisions ways to incorporate the software into daily operations. 

“I’m personally most excited about the beta testing for Entrata Pricing,” said Meredith Burford, regional vice president of leasing & marketing for Landmark. “There are two main reasons why we’re pumped about it. One, we’ll be able to look up our specific comp set and receive a pricing and leasing trends report. The second reason is because it will help us manage our revenue.” 

More than anything, Whitley believes the partnership is a stellar fit because of the similar core values of each company. 

“The cornerstone of our culture is an incessant drive to improve,” Whitley said. “It’s a commitment to constantly challenging ourselves, our systems and the status quo so we get better and better. One of the best ways to do that is to be open to—and solicit—constructive feedback.”