Jul 15

JFR 2K15: The Threequel

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IMG_2979The Jones Family Reunion is our annual retreat used as thank you for all the hard work we as members of the Entrata team do on a daily basis to make us the self professed Joneses of the property management industry. It started two and a half years ago and has remained one of our favorite traditions, not the least of which because it exemplifies our philosophy of “Business in the Front, Party in the Back.”

However, we had a hefty task in front of us in preparation for the third annual Entrata Jones Family Reunion. How do we top two amazing years? Then it hit us. The one thing that was holding us back from reaching our full Jones Family Reunion potential. The time of year. “Of course! How could we be so foolish!” We groaned, collectively slapping our foreheads in a smack that could be heard round the office. “All family reunions should take place in the summer!”

Sunshine. Swimming. Sun tan lotion. Swigs of soda. Surf. Shade. Slip n’ slide. Summer. It all made so much sense to us. And so, with half a year less to prepare, we set off to plan our most audacious reunion yet.

The reunion started off on the 13th with a keynote presentation from Entrata CEO Dave Bateman, catching us up on how we fared with our company goals from last year, and introducing our new company goals for this year. Following Dave’s remarks, we had the distinct joy of feasting on the words and philosophical stylings Kyle Maynard who taught us that there are no good excuses— if you’re not dead, you can’t quit. To us, this just smelled of Being the Real Deal. It takes courage to not quit, and we’re all about courage and taking things to the next level, even if it means going out of our comfort zone. Nothing exciting or epic ever happened inside a comfort zone.

After, we learned that we all won a prize, in true Oprah fashion. Though, instead of the prize being under our chairs, the prize happened to be the (lawn) chairs themselves. After we were treated to burgers and dogs, because grilling is family reunion law.

The rest of the week was split between several activities that we got to choose between. Tuesday and Friday were trips up to Park City, Wednesday saw water activities like boating and tubing at Jordanelle Reservoir, and Thursday was river rafting and zipline fun in Provo Canyon.

In order for us to continue being the Joneses, we needed some freshening up. So all of this allowed us to rejuvenate our spirits in preparation for the second half of the year. We still have our third annual Summit in Park City ahead of us, and all those goals to meet.

Missed out? Well, there’s always next year. Until then, check out the video below!

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