Dec 18

Introducing Message Center Template Library

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Leasing,Newsletters,Residents

Entrata’s Message Center lets properties communicate easily and efficiently with residents and prospects through branded and scheduled messaging. And now, with Message Center’s new template libraries with user permissions, we’re offering even better control to help promote brand consistency and empower site-level teams to communicate more effectively.

Communication is vital, and Message Center is a powerful tool. What can you do with Message Center templates?

Reusable Templates: Create and save email templates for a variety of messages and situations for consistent messaging across your portfolio.

Smart Merge Fields: With merge fields for property names, logos, images, links, office hours, and more, you can use the same template across an entire portfolio or region.

Permissioned Access: Give your property-level employees the access they need to create and send timely messages while keeping corporate-level control of your brand.

Campaign Analytics: Measure how your emails and templates are performing with at-a-glance statistics showing delivery rates, click rates, open timelines, and more.

With Message Center’s new template libraries, you’ll spend less time creating emails. Properties will be able to communicate quickly and efficiently without sacrificing brand control or consistency. Contact your CSM for more information or help setting up your new email template library.