Aug 18

Introducing Lead Scoring

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Leasing,Newsletters,Technology

Leasing office life would be a lot simpler if all leads were created equal. But they’re not. And unfortunately, you can’t always tell just by looking whether or not a lead is likely to progress to a lease. Luckily, you don’t have to just trust your gut when you’re trying to figure out if that prospect who’s excitedly calling about an available apartment today will sign a lease tomorrow or ghost you in a week. Entrata’s LeadManager is pleased to present Lead Scoring.

Lead Scoring uses the data from thousands of apartment leads that work their way through Entrata’s property management platform to help identify the ones most likely to convert. It translates those data points into recommendations for follow up, so you can spend your time where it’s most likely to pay off. Every single lead is still tracked with follow-up reminders and status updates; no one will slip through the cracks. But Lead Scoring helps your leasing staff prioritize efforts when there are multiple leads competing for attention. And that helps you keep units occupied.

Because Lead Scoring is data-driven, the more you use it, the better it gets. So don’t keep second-guessing your leasing efforts. Save yourself time – and money – and make sure your most valuable leads are taken care of. Lead Scoring is available now for all LeadManager users. Reach out to your Client Success Manager for more information on how to activate it for your company.