Jan 17

Google is Cracking Down on Annoying Pop-Up Ads

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January 10, 2017 is the day Google said no to pop-ups (also known as interstitials or splash images). While the new change may seem like a hindrance to your current lead generation and marketing practices, it should be welcomed as pop-ups are already reducing the amount of visitors to your site and page duration by more than ten percent.

The new change is all a part of Google’s invigorated effort to improve the user experience on mobile devices. The good news is there is an alternative to improve your prospect experience, make Google happy and get the information you need from prospects. A win-win-win-win-win.

First, we need to understand the change Google is making. Here’s what Google outlines are no no’s:

Basically, anything popping up that makes your initial page content less accessible is a no go.

Say hello to the new and improved ProspectPortal banner ads that now replace splash images. They are fully customizable call out boxes you can feature on your homepage with a call-to-action button for requesting prospect information and/or highlighting specials and deals. You can set them to be static in the same place on your site no matter where the prospect navigates and design them so they are just as flashy as a pop-up ad while still being static on the page.

It’s a simple solution available to all using Entrata’s PropsectPortal templates. What are you doing to improve the user experience on your website? Share your expertise in the comments.

And, for more information about our ProspectPortal solution, reach out to your Entrata customer service representative or email [email protected]

Find additional information here: SEO-Friendly-Alternative-to-Pop-Ups-v1.