Jul 18

Getting the Lease with Entrata’s Leasing Suite

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Leasing,Newsletters

Congratulations! You’ve got prospects. Your hard work and marketing strategies have generated interest in your community, and you’re getting phone calls and emails and prospective renters wanting to know more. Mission accomplished?

Not quite. It’s a sensitive, make-or-break time in the relationship between a community and a prospective renter. How your team acts at this juncture not only influences which leads convert, it sets the bar for your relationship with your renters for the entire duration of their lease.

Entrata’s Leasing Suite makes sure your leasing team has all the tools they need to navigate the course from lead to lease, and puts powerful tools in the hands of your applicants as well. These technologies also help set the stage for a successful post-lease relationships. It’s everything you need:

LeadManager: This dashboard gives leasing agents at-a-glance information that helps them identify the leads most likely to convert and maximize follow-up efforts.

Message Center: More than just a chat/email/SMS system, the Message Center can help your teams create engaging content and personalize mass messaging for maximum impact.

Leasing Center: With Entrata’s agents on the job 24/7, your community never needs to miss a call. Our agents are trained and certified to handle non-conventional calls and niche markets so you’re covered even if your portfolio includes Lease-up, Student, Affordable, Class-A, or Military properties. And they’re empowered to take applications, schedule appointments, and answer questions, so  your callers never need to settle for a sub-par call center experience.

Call Tracking & Call Analysis: Progress depends on identifying opportunities to improve. Our systems include access to IVR, recordings, and reports that will help identify which lead sources are performing most effectively and help hold staff accountable to make sure each caller receives a brand experience you can be proud of.

Online Application & ResidentVerify: Interested renters will appreciate the ease of completing your rental application online. Our integrated screening eliminates the need for entering the same personal data over multiple forms, making it easier and faster to get approved.

LeaseExecution & SiteTablet: Your new resident is ready to sign on the dotted line, and their lease is ready too. Entrata’s system captures all the relevant data from the application and automatically populates the appropriate fields in the lease. Then, it’s as simple as getting out your iPad. With SiteTablet’s digital signature, you can skip the printing, saving trees and space.

DocManagement: All those leases you didn’t print, we make sure you can store, manage, and access them. Say goodbye to the filing cabinets for good!

There’s a lot going on between a lead and a lease. But with Entrata’s Leasing Suite, you’re in control every step of the way.