Mar 18

EPA Fix a Leak Week

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578684_fixaleakweek_1200x62801In celebration of EPA’s Fix a Leak Week, Entrata is highlighting ways in which its ResidentUtility customers can conserve water at their communities! With more than a trillion gallons of water wasted annually nationwide due to leaks, taking charge of leak detection and performing necessary repairs is a goal we can all get behind.

The first step in encouraging residents to take charge of leak detection is to make sure they have a clear understanding of why this issue is important and how it affects them. According to the EPA, residents can save more than $380 annually by taking the necessary steps to save water and detect costly leaks around their home.

Failure to recognize or take charge of even a small leak can result in the loss of over 2,000 gallons of water and hundreds of dollars per year. In some circumstances, a neglected water leak can worsen and ultimately lead to thousands of dollars in repairs due to water damage.

It’s important for residents to understand they are the first line of defense when it comes to early detection of water leaks, and that this early detection is critical to making a difference in water-conservation efforts.

What can you do?

At a property-management level, look for opportunities to educate residents on the importance of leak detection. This may include:

Consider sending the EPA’s 10 Minute WaterSense Challenge to your residents to help them get started on detecting leaks.

How can Entrata help?

Entrata is committed to providing tools and opportunities that can help our partners detect leaks and save water at their properties. Speak with your sales representative to learn how Entrata can help, including:

To learn more about conservations properties, visit www.entrata.com/residents/resident-utility, contact your sales representative or tune in to Energy Star’s webinar during Fix a Leak Week.

Webinar details:

Fix a Leak with WaterSense and Beat Water Waste

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 1 p.m. EDT
Leaks may look small, but they can add up. Join us to learn more about how to assess your water use with an eye toward finding and fixing leaks. We’ll also provide information on how to leverage EPA’s WaterSense Fix a Leak Week campaign to engage employees and tenants.