Jun 21

Entrata Connect: Dan Levy, Man of the Moment

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He went from hosting Saturday Night Live to speaking at Entrata Connect. Natural next step, right?

We kid, naturally. But it’s fair to say few personalities elicit the immediate buzz of Dan Levy, who gained notoriety as the co-creator and lead actor in the ultra-popular Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek, which recently wrapped up its sixth and final season. 

The success and well-intentioned nature of Schitt’s Creek have resulted in a meteoric rise in Levy’s popularity, which has been a bit of an adjustment for the 37-year-old. Levy co-created the show with his father and longtime actor Eugene Levy (he’s the “too cool” dad in the American Pie movie series). 

In a candid discussion with Entrata industry principal Virginia Love as part of Entrata Connect, Levy discussed a wide range of topics, including his reaction to the SNL invite, how he “forced” his way onto the Canadian version of a popular British baking show and things Entrata should keep in mind when entering the Canadian market. 


Levy’s professional profile received another boost when he hosted Saturday Night Live on Feb. 7. The initial call offering him the gig caught him off guard. 

“In the moment I was consumed with fear,” he said. “I was excited, obviously, and flattered to be asked. But then I was like, ‘Wait a minute, I actually have to do this—live.’”

Levy said it was “an incredibly intense experience,” but the cast, whom he greatly admires, was extremely welcoming and made him feel comfortable. Levy called the experience a full-circle life moment, recalling that as a teenager he had hoped just to attend SNL someday.  

Tweet leads to hosting role

Levy is an unabashed fan of baking competition show The Great British Bake Off. He loved that contestants were competing for a cake plate rather than million-dollar prizes, and one time tweeted that if an iteration of the show ever came to Canada, he’d like to be considered as a host. 

“I woke up to an email the next morning saying, ‘We are bringing it to Canada, and are you serious about hosting it?’” Levy said. “Within a month I had signed on, and I ended up hosting it together with one of my closest friends (actress Julia Chan) and we had a lovely, lovely time.”

Levy hosted the show for two seasons and claimed that “he never had to work out harder” than he did during his time on the show because he made certain to sample every dish. 

Entrata in Canada

Love noted that Entrata recently entered Canada as a service provider and asked if Levy had any advice for interacting with Canadian clients. 

“It’s a similar but very different culture—I don’t think Canadians are raised with the same kind of aggression that Americans tend to have innately, so be gentle with us,” Levy said with a laugh. “We are a tremendously loving people. So I wish you luck.”

Levy also provided some personal tidbits about Schitt’s Creek, which has won nine Emmy Awards and recently won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast. He hinted that fans might not have witnessed the last of the cultural phenomenon, saying: “I hope that one day I get the idea for a (Schitt’s Creek) movie so that we can all come back together. I don’t know when that’s going to be or if it’s ever going to happen, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.”

Love also asked Levy, who has a reputation as a tremendous storyteller, if he has any advice for property management teams that, more than ever, are trying to tell a story about their communities. 

“It starts with really understanding what you want to say,” he said. “I find that when the concept is a little bit less specific, that’s when you have to start squeezing things in weird ways, and the authenticity of the idea gets muddied because it’s just not strong enough or ready to be presented.”

It will be compelling to see what Levy comes up with next now that he has SNL and Connect on his post-Schitt’s Creek resume.