Jun 21

Entrata Connect: An Interview with Yvette Nicole Brown

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Nice guys may finish last according to conventional wisdom, but Yvette Nicole Brown is here to disprove that rule. 

Coby Rich, vice president of marketing for Entrata, recently sat down with the actress, best known for her role on the NBC comedy series Community, for an episode of Entrata Connect to discuss how she stayed connected to family and friends during the pandemic, her career and her key to success. 

When Rich mentioned the pandemic and its effects on us all, Brown pointed out how it reiterated our innate need as humans to connect with one another. She said that while her normal brunches and outings with friends had to pivot to online settings like Zoom, the connection between her circle remained strong.

Much like Entrata aims to keep people connected with its platform, Brown does the same with her work. Growing up in East Cleveland, she loved entertaining family and friends, and by age 10 she knew that her calling was to act, which she eventually parlayed into a rewarding career in show business. 

As a lover of puzzles and game shows, Brown discussed her stint on Wheel of Fortune and the charity, DonorsChoose, that received her winnings. The charity raises funds for teachers’ and students’ needs that aren’t receiving enough funding. After discussing the work the charity does, Entrata committed to a donation in the middle of the interview, once again connecting with local communities.

Rich asked Brown about one of her favorite shows, “Survivor,” and she noted it is the contestants’ grit and determination that attracts her to the show. Comparing that to her approach to work, she cited faith in a higher power that drives her to stay hopeful and determined. 

For her it was acting, but whatever the field may be, dedication and having faith is required for success, Brown said. “Everybody gets a chance if they stay in the game. You are only guaranteed to fail absolutely if you give up,” Brown said. “Be kind and honest, and you will succeed.”

Everybody is important in any industry, and it is crucial to understand that “connections are long spanning,” she said. In all industries and communities, our connection to others is what brings about success, she added. 

Rich told Brown that he is a huge fan of Community, and that it’s striking  how the show created its own community of fans, and in a fun way, highlighted the importance of community connections. 

While describing her real-life community of friends and groups that make up her support system, Brown cited friends she’s had since childhood, coworkers and even strangers from her Instagram live sessions that she maintains connections with. For her, fostering these connections is key to her success and happiness. 

Brown says her longevity in the field of acting, or any work she’s done for that matter, is due to her ability to adapt. She claims that being able to change lanes when needed and practicing versatility will breed success in any environment. Being grateful and exhibiting love for all things in her life is what she says sustains her.

Regardless of where one works and the job they do, if they model kindness, decency and love, people will notice and opportunities will arise, according to Brown. It might be years later and take time, but good things will come to those that remain steadfast in their kindness and dedication.