Jan 18

Entrata Accounting: Take Another Look

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Newsletters

Untitled design (2)Entrata’s Accounting software doesn’t often receive the kind of attention that is showered on some of our other offerings, but behind the scenes this powerhouse product is shining in its own right.  Since our 2015 release to general availability, Entrata’s developers have been hard at work, building new strategic functionality into the platform based on client requests and user feedback. If you haven’t looked at Entrata Accounting lately, here are some of the features you may have missed:

Tax Forms: Just in time for tax season, we’ve created new flexibility around 1099 processing that allows you to manage the process by property or ownership group. Additionally, Entrata now allows you to print 1096 forms straight from the system.

Approval Routing: We’ve streamlined the approval routing engine, eliminating redundancies and shaving time off of daily processes associated with purchase orders, invoices, payments, and journal entries.

Read-Only Permissions: Entrata allows you to offer visibility into your system without compromising the integrity of your processes.  You can give auditors access to the transactions (and related attachments) they need within the system. Read-only access also provides valuable transparency for owners who like to keep a close eye on their investments.

Vendor Management: Entrata Accounting works hand in glove with VendorAccess, streamlining workflows and allowing properties to electronically manage compliance and exchange purchase orders and invoices with synced vendors and suppliers.  The AP exchange allows purchase orders to be pushed directly to vendors, who can  use the same system to generate associated invoices. Vendors can also submit invoices that are not associated to an existing PO directly to your approval process, so nothing gets missed.

Job Costing: Does your portfolio strategy include renovations and/or new construction? Entrata’s Job Costing features allow you to forecast and track expenses and is set for general availability by the end of this quarter. Within Entrata’s comprehensive platform, job costing gives you ready access to project-based  financial information; no more downloading figures from separate software or relying on staff to enter data into multiple systems. With Entrata Job Costing, you can set up job cost codes and categories just the way you need them to work with your company’s processes, and seamlessly organize purchase orders, journal entries, draw requests and payments throughout the job.

If it’s been awhile since you looked closely at Entrata Accounting, maybe it’s time for another look. Our Core software, like our entire platform, is getting better every day thanks to the partnership of our clients and our unfailing commitment to innovation. Contact your Customer Success Manager or RVP to get caught up. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!