Jan 20

Empowering Maintenance Teams: Tech Tools Can Help Them Prosper

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Residents,Technology

Many claim that maintenance teams are the backbone of an apartment community. Effective maintenance teams play a pivotal role throughout the resident lifecycle, and often serve as a renewal driver. As such, it’s only fitting to provide these teams with the tech tools they need to flourish. 

Several hardworking maintenance teams were already remarkably efficient prior to the digital age, sifting through paper note cards and lengthy (sometimes difficult-to-understand) phone messages before assisting residents. Tech advancements have not only served as a timesaver for today’s maintenance teams—they are providing capabilities previously unattainable. 

Mobile maintenance apps, language localization tools, and AI-generated predictive maintenance are among the resources allowing maintenance teams to thrive and propel operations to levels previously unseen in the industry. Here’s a look at how these concepts can assist:

Mobile maintenance apps

Imagine a maintenance tech is at the farthest-away building at a garden-style community. He or she returns to the office and realizes a service request has just been called in from the building next to it. The tech wishes they had known while still on that side of the property. Well, that doesn’t happen at communities with mobile maintenance apps, which pass along service requests in real-time and provide several other convenience-related features. 

The Entrata maintenance app, for instance, requires residents to include permission to enter (PTE) within their maintenance request, which ensures the PTE is documented. Maintenance techs can provide updates within the app to provide residents and team members with real-time feedback pertaining to the status of a project. Maintenance techs can also enter updates and photos from anywhere on the property, regardless of Wi-Fi or data access. When that device reconnects to Wi-Fi, the app will automatically update the information.

Language localization features

Language barriers exist and crucial components sometimes get lost in translation. Tech advances are rapidly progressing to bridge this gap through language localization tools, which can assist residents and team members alike whose first language is something other than English. This technology can greatly assist with service requests, interactions with team members and in creating a superb resident experience. While this concept isn’t yet widespread, expect to see it unveiled shortly and for it to make a significant impact in the industry. 

Predictive maintenance

A refrigerator will send a message to the maintenance team before its gasket fails. An onsite team member sees a crack in the sidewalk and takes a photo of it. Software diagnoses the precise location and generates a service request on its own. In the days of AI, these are a few examples of how key information will be relayed to maintenance teams faster than ever. In the case of the refrigerator, it’s before the malfunction even occurs. Imagine a resident’s surprise when they get a knock on the door and a tech has a replacement part in hand. “But my fridge isn’t broken,” they’ll insist. “Not yet,” the tech will reply. “And now it won’t be.”

Effective maintenance teams are often closely correlated with happy residents. Delayed service requests typically have the opposite effect. By ensuring your maintenance teams have the resources they need to perform at the next level, you’re probably also creating a spike in resident satisfaction.