May 17

Don’t Give Up On Your Blog

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Marketing,Technology

In an era of snaps, tweets, and podcasts, the humble blog may seem a bit archaic, but there’s still a lot of heavy lifting a blog can do for your online marketing efforts. If you’ve ever considered scrapping your blog, or if you *gasp* never created one, it’s time to educate yourself:

The Benefits of Blogging
The SEO benefits of a blog are well documented. Search engines like Google give preference to websites that update content on a regular basis. Blogging remains the easiest, most cost-effective way to create relevant content; the kind that helps to drive traffic to your site.

Relevant and timely content is also a great way to convert traffic as you establish authority with prospective renters and initiate an engagement process that will yield long-term benefits to your brand. Entrata’s own side-by-side tests show property websites with blogs performed consistently better in page rank, new visits, and stickiness (reduced bounce rates, more pages per session, etc.) than similar property websites without a blog. These are the kinds of benefits that, over time, can have a significant impact on long-term results for your property.

Overcoming Objections
When it comes to driving and converting traffic on your website, a blog may seem like a no-brainer, but a surprising number of property managers experience some push-back when trying to establish or support a blog for their property. If there’s a question of the lack of quality content, consider repurposing the messaging that finds its way into property newsletters, press releases, or even leasing agent pitches into blog posts. Worries about costs are easy to counter since most blog platforms are low- or no-cost, and maintaining a blog requires little in the way of employee hours or technical expertise.

Entrata’s new blog software, for example, is built right into the ProspectPortal platform, so users don’t even need to worry about integrating their blog interface with their property website. Branding consistency between blog entries and other web pages will be automatic. Entrata’s blog features a rich text editor that allows users to see exactly what they’re getting when creating and editing blog content. Additionally, Entrata has pumped up the SEO cred of its new blog, now offering custom URL extensions, post specific meta-descriptions, and more.

Don’t give up on blogging just yet. Contact your Entrata CSM for information on how to make this under-appreciated yet highly effective marketing tool work for you!