Delinquencies: Managed

Entrata is updating our delinquency management tools to make chasing down those elusive unpaid balances that much easier.

Property managers will be able to take advantage of the completely overhauled Late Notice functionality with this week’s Standard release, making processes more intuitive and efficient. A single, standard delinquency policy can be established and applied over multiple properties, ensuring that everyone gets updates and additions as they occur as well as making it easier for properties to certify funds when certain notices are sent.  You’ll be able to customize content, and personalize it for individual residents more easily and use new small balance reminders to collect on small balances more easily.

As well as a boost in functionality, Entrata has updated its dashboard giving you a more effective overview into the status of delinquent accounts and a streamlined workflow for late notices. Refer to this week’s release notes or contact your CSM for more information on taking advantage of Entrata’s new delinquency management tools.

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