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Nov 22

Designing a Better User Experience

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The apartment industry is deploying technology like never before. But for multifamily solutions to truly create efficiencies, improve business performance and allow operators to provide best-in-class service for renters, those solutions must offer an intuitive, comfortable user experience.

Entrata’s efforts to create those experiences took a turn in the spotlight in the Designing a Better User Experience session at the 2022 Entrata Summit. The session featured members of Entrata’s UX team as well as client partners. continue

Nov 22

Financial Protection for Residents Protects Your Properties

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When it comes to attracting prospective residents, property teams highlight everything from flexible lease options, a unique suite of amenities and posh in-home features to exceedingly pet-friendly accommodations. 

All have the potential to positively sway the decision of a potential renter, but some would argue that the most enticing incentives might be less glitzy than a resort-inspired swimming pool or stunning rooftop deck. For most renters, their own finances still matter most. 

Finances and amenities seldom have been linked—and often seem mutually exclusive in most cases—but that is starting to change, according to panelists at the 2022 Entrata Summit session Financial Protection for Residents Protects Your Properties continue

Nov 22

The Power of Automation

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There is no disputing that onsite teams are busy. They juggle prospect outreach, real-time resident requests and community events throughout the day—just to name a few of their duties. 

Navigating through a clunky operating system shouldn’t be an additional time constraint. 

Software should speed up the process rather than slow it down, particularly by automating tasks that, if done manually, would be more of a time drain than bingeing on a nine-season docudrama. At the 2022 Entrata Summit session The Power of Automation – Entrata OS, members of the company’s training team shared the most recent automation updates designed to help teams free up that valuable time.  continue

Nov 22

Making the Switch to Centralized Leasing

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For a long time, the multifamily industry had a reputation for being reluctant to embrace innovation and change. 

But that reputation has started to fade in recent years, in part because of the way apartment communities turned on a dime to implement technologies like self-guided and virtual tours during the pandemic. In addition, increasingly sophisticated software is permitting operators to manage leads and set pricing more efficiently than ever, while solutions like chatbots and other types of AI are allowing prospects to interact with communities 24/7.

Centralized leasing represents another emerging area of innovation for multifamily companies. Instead of using traditional onsite leasing teams, many operators are placing leasing associate teams in central offices, or allowing them to work remotely. In these frameworks, they’re responsible for multiple properties, which maximizes efficiencies, ensures a consistent experience for prospective renters and allows associates to focus on leasing apartments. 

The Making the Switch to Centralized Leasing session at the 2022 Entrata Summit examined approaches to centralized leasing and explored the benefits to operators of such arrangements. continue