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Apr 21

Examining Best Practices for Virtual Events 

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Newsletters

Intense data mining isn’t needed to proclaim the terms virtual and remote reached their crescendo in 2020. Essentially all activity in the multifamily environment—including onsite communication, education panels and industry conferences—gravitated away from the in-person experience. 

But just like the industry’s migration to video and remote tours, the transition to virtual conferences wasn’t a flip-of-the-switch endeavor. It required a rethinking of standardized industry practices and a little bit of trial and error. 

At Entrata, we’ve both hosted and attended several virtual conferences, and along the way we have observed some of the key components that help these events sizzle—or at least stand out. 

Here are some of them: continue

Apr 21

2020 Impacts Continue to Evolve

Posted by: Trena King | Category: Newsletters

When looking back on 2020 in a few decades, odds are it won’t be remembered as a banner year for the world. But that doesn’t mean that everything about the year should be permanently washed away. 

Like almost everywhere else, it will be remembered as a trying year for multifamily. It will also be known as a year when the industry, by necessity, had to think outside the box and become extremely innovative. And while some of the newfound practices will be dated specifically to pandemic times, others are here to stay. At the very least, they laid the groundwork for the multifamily roadmap moving forward.  continue

Apr 21

Entrata’s ResidentPortal 4.0

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Management,Newsletters

An accessible, functional resident portal was one of the technologies that put Entrata on the map. Providing an interface to residents to be able to pay rent, schedule maintenance requests, or just reach out to the leasing office any time of day or night was once a revolutionary offering in the multifamily space. 

A lot has changed. Renters expect more from their communities than an online portal for rent payments. So we’ve been updating Entrata’s ResidentPortal to keep up with evolving demands. In 2020, Entrata made ResidentPortal 4.0 available to all of our clients using ResidentPortal. With this update, the power of the portal is greater than ever. continue

Apr 21

Thriving Together: The AI and Pricing Power Combo

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Marketing,Technology

The introduction of artificial intelligence to the multifamily industry has been a measured process. Yes, many are using AI in the form of chatbots and for advanced automation. But to a large degree, AI is viewed by the industry for its future capabilities rather than anything that can make an immediate impact. 

The apartment sector can make headway on that front by envisioning how AI can augment existing platforms, and then pairing them.  continue