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Oct 20

Predictive Machine Learning Algorithms Create Endless Possibilities

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Imagine a world where a property management system not only accurately tracked rental payment data, but also analyzed it to predict which payments have the highest likelihood of returning.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine. Thanks to advancements in predictive machine learning algorithms, this cutting-edge technology analyzes scores of data pertaining to payment history, timing and behavior. It can be used to more intuitively assess the ultimate result of the payment.

How do apartment operators get in on the action? By partnering with providers that invest in these sophisticated technologies.  continue

Oct 20

Connect Keynote: Bear Grylls

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Learn From Your Failures and Use Fear to Overcome Obstacles

Bear Grylls is the ultimate thrill seeker who seems immune to the bounds of fear. After all, who else can lay claim to a YouTube video that celebrates their Top 10 Most Insane moments? 

But while apprehension doesn’t appear to be part of the British adventurer’s persona, he revealed otherwise during the opening episode of Entrata Connect.  continue

Oct 20

Multifamily Hanging in There, but More Federal Stimulus Needed

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All in all, the apartment industry has performed well since the coronavirus outbreak – in large part because of the impact of the CARES Act. But multifamily could be headed for trouble if another federal stimulus package is not passed soon.

Those were some of the points made by Doug Bibby of the National Multifamily Housing Council and Bob Pinnegar of the National Apartment Association as they sat down with Entrata’s Chase Harrington for a state-of-the-industry discussion in Episode 3 of Entrata Connect. continue

Oct 20

Keeping Pace: A Look at New Apartment Product Offerings

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While new iterations of existing tech platforms can be compelling, nothing elicits more excitement than completely new products. 

The need for innovation never stops, and the Entrata team has been busy developing many platform enhancements in 2020. Team members shared updates of recent rollouts and things to come during Episode 3 of Entrata Connect.  continue

Oct 20

Entrata Design Studio Success Stories

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Apartment communities have tremendously reshaped their websites over the past several years. Bland, functional layouts have been replaced with more eye-popping, attention-grabbing pages layered with 3D photos and other visual elements to entice prospects. 

Entrata has aimed to aid the pursuit with its Creative Services branch. The company launched its Design Studio at the Entrata Summit in 2019, and several clients have since joined for in-person and virtual sessions. Those include Greystar Investment Group, Mill Creek Residential and RangeWater Real Estate, who discussed their respective experiences in Episode 3 of Entrata Connect.  continue

Oct 20

Showing the Love: Property Managers Deftly Pivot During Pandemic

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There are unpredictable environments and then there is 2020, which qualifies more as an unprecedented environment. That has made the duties of property managers even more hectic and ever wavering than usual.

With the mission of making residents feel safe while modifying virtually every onsite process, many property managers have delivered—big time. Some of their amazing efforts on the front lines were highlighted in Episode 2 of Entrata Connect, where several property managers discussed some of the pandemic-fueled changes.  continue

Oct 20

Leadership Panel Touts Connection and Innovation

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As the contingent of women in industry leadership continues to grow, the women in those roles have advice for those seeking them: Never underestimate the importance of connections. Innovation goes beyond technology. And always seek stepping stones early in your career.

A panel of muiltfamily executives discussed these concepts on Episode 1 of Entrata Connect in a session moderated by Entrata Industry Principal Virigina Love, one of the industry’s most capable leaders since 1992. continue

Oct 20

A New Wave of Leadership Trends in Multifamily

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It is no secret that the multifamily industry has had to modify its approach, adjust processes, readjust them and continue to seek outside-the-box solutions during the pandemic. 

In times of turmoil, strong and agile leadership has never been more vital.  continue

Oct 20

Connect Reveals What Entrata Users Can’t Live Without

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A key component of operating an effective property management system is listening to the feedback—not of those who build it but of those who use it. 

As part of the opening day of Entrata Connect, Trevor Riley, senior vice president of product, tapped several Entrata users to reveal survey results detailing the features users could least live without. 

The top five were as follows (in reverse order for dramatic effect): continue

Oct 20

AI, Automation, and the Human XP

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A large component of the human experience typically consists of a steady routine. Then came 2020. 

Our current human experience is largely unprecedented, as parents attempt to juggle full-time jobs with teaching responsibilities, virtual workplaces are the norm and many conferences, concerts and public events indefinitely postponed. 

For those juggling multiple responsibilities in unconventional ways, the time crunch is real. That’s where the apartment world can help by making things as simple as possible for those managing multiple responsibilities. For instance, imagine working from home, teaching from home, rescheduling events, making an extra effort to keep your family safe—and having to search for a new home on top of everything.  continue