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Jun 20

Entrata Virtual Backgrounds

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Summit

We were contemplating the sad news of a year without a Summit and flipping through some photos from last year’s kickoff when inspiration struck!

We have decided to share some of our favorite pix for you to download as virtual backgrounds. Here are a few of our choices to liven up your digital meetings and keep the spirit of the Summit alive. continue

Jun 20

Entrata Cancels 2020 Summit

Posted by: Chase Harrington | Category: Summit,Values

It’s no secret that Entrata takes its Value of “Business in the Front, Party in the Back” very seriously. Each year we have invited you to experience that Value with us, live and in person, at the Summit in Park City. This unusual year, however, is compelling us to rethink this tradition, and we have made the difficult decision to cancel 2020’s Summit. continue

Jun 20

The Value of Enhanced Reporting

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Management,Technology

Navigating reports has never been among an apartment professional’s favorite things to do. And when those reports are flawed, their aversion to them grows. 

 To be fair, many common complaints surrounding reports are difficult to argue. Among the most common we hear: They are incomplete, not thorough enough, too convoluted, take too long to generate, contain too much information, present data that’s hard to quantify, and—if we want to border on nerdy—aren’t granular enough. 

Thankfully, the myriad of grievances hasn’t gone unnoticed by the industry. As abstract as they may seem, reports are an integral facet of an apartment community’s decision-making process. It’s a matter of making them more user-friendly and more inspiring for community teams.

That effort is well underway, as Entrata is committed to extending enhanced reporting capabilities to its partners. Here are some of the advancements Entrata is working on and the potential benefits to the user experience: continue

Jun 20

Invest in Training

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Newsletters,Services

Appropriate tech training increases the value of your organization’s software platform. Training platform users eliminates guesswork, improves process adoption and helps your team feel more comfortable with daily workflows. Luckily, Entrata’s training program offers a multitude of training options at no extra cost. continue

Jun 20

Technology & the Human Experience

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Newsletters,Technology

For all of the focus dedicated to technology, it is nothing without a human element. It’s empty and cold. A mechanical world without human touch would essentially alienate the very reason technology exists—to better the human experience. 

Tech designed to augment the actions of the user—rather than replace them—has consistently proven to be the most functional and well received. That notion commonly holds true in the multifamily sector, which puts the onus on the industry to do its part. This includes shaping the user experience based upon how residents and team members interact with the technology continue

Jun 20

What it Takes to Manage Commercial

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Management,Newsletters

On the best day, successfully managing commercial properties takes expert-level knowledge, skill, attention to detail, and a lot of time. The last few months have added additional challenges as local and national economies have felt the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and managers and tenants have had to address falling revenues and uncertainty.

When faced with these very modern problems, it helps to have modern technology tools. Entrata Commercial™ offers technology built on a single platform that helps to automate time-consuming tasks, improve efficiency in lease management and rent transactions, and introduce the kind of flexibility needed to address current challenges with tools like rent repayment agreements. continue