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May 20

Paying Rent with American Express

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Residents

Entrata has made it easy for ResidentPay users to offer American Express (AMEX) as a payment option for residents.

The AMEX payment option has been enabled by default upon the May 27 rollout for all Entrata partners that have card payments enabled at their properties. Our agreements for payments are not card or brand-specific, so this new payment option will not require additional forms or signatures. continue

May 20

A Pandemic Response Built on Values

Posted by: Chase Harrington | Category: Values

A couple of months ago Entrata found itself facing an unforeseen crisis of seemingly limitless scale and seriousness. Along with the nationwide apartment housing industry and the local tech corridor, we worked as fast as we could to react. We quickly transitioned our entire team to work from home and a strategic task force assembled to monitor constantly-evolving news and advisories, implementing recommended changes quickly and efficiently. Essentially, we put our heads down and got to work.

Like many businesses across the country, Entrata did not have a pandemic playbook on the shelf that we could pull down, dust off, and methodically implement. What we do have, and what has guided our actions and decision-making for years, are a very particular set of values. Entrata’s values provide the framework for how we work with our employees, our clients, our industry, and our community. We have built a culture around these values, trusting that they would help us pull together and succeed no matter the circumstances. And recent weeks have shown that trust was not misplaced. continue

May 20

A Brighter Outlook

Posted by: Chase Harrington | Category: Newsletters

For weeks we’ve been hearing predictions that the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the various national and local responses to it, would have widespread and devastating effects on our communities and the economy at large. I’m happy to report that the trends we’re observing at Entrata tell a story that is more hopeful than anyone predicted.

May 20

The Importance of Data Integrity

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Newsletters,Technology

Data is like oil to multifamily organizations, a valuable resource that takes a fair share of effort to acquire. And like oil, obtaining data is only half the battle, as both are of most value after being properly refined and processed. 

While data integrity is essential in any industry, this is especially true in multifamily. Critical investment and pricing decisions rely heavily on the information this data provides. There is no overemphasizing the importance of strong, reliable data to aid better decision-making and improve operations.