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Feb 20

Catering to Students: An Unconventional Approach

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Student

The one-size-fits-all approach might work with headbands and wooly hats. But in the multifamily industry, there are very few cookie-cutter solutions.

A key component to creating a user-friendly experience, for both prospects and existing residents, is to develop catered solutions based on the type of resident you’re aiming to attract. Yet many multifamily operators go about their student-housing practices in the same manner as their conventional processes.

While the vast differences in student leasing seasons must first be considered, catering to student residents is more than just understanding their unique leasing timelines.

Here are some additional components student-housing operators should consider to cater to the student experience:

Feb 20

Finding a Solution to the Student Housing Pricing Challenge

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Technology

Apartment operators have pricing structures for conventional homes down to a fine-tuned science. 

For the student-housing sector, well … not so much. 

On the conventional side, virtually every price-related contingency plan has been created and successfully implemented. The industry has a deft understanding of when to raise and reduce rental rates, adjust for seasonal factors and modify strategies in order to reach occupancy goals. 

Student housing is an entirely different entity, however. Most revenue management software was built for the conventional sector, meaning student-housing operators often utilize a system not tailored to their needs. It can be like attempting to put together pieces from separate puzzles. 

While recent tech innovations are steering toward solutions to solve the disconnect between student housing and pricing, here’s a look at the challenging factors that surround the issue—and ways they can be conquered. 

Feb 20


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