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Jan 20

Empowering Maintenance Teams: Tech Tools Can Help Them Prosper

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Many claim that maintenance teams are the backbone of an apartment community. Effective maintenance teams play a pivotal role throughout the resident lifecycle, and often serve as a renewal driver. As such, it’s only fitting to provide these teams with the tech tools they need to flourish.  continue

Jan 20

Waiting on Bitcoin

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Waiting on Bitcoin Reliability the Right Move for Multifamily

Though wave after wave of new smart-home technology and automated property management systems seem to continually reshape the multifamily landscape, the apartment industry has taken a careful approach to certain facets of innovation. 

Often opting to wait and see as other sectors serve as guinea pigs for new tech and trends, multifamily has built a reputation for cautious and deliberate adoption and implementation. 

Fortunately, when it comes to Bitcoin, that approach may prove to be spot on.

Jan 20

A Look Ahead to 2020

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Technology will continue to enhance connections and the human experience.

When we began a new decade in 2010, it seemed far-fetched to think that paper processes would largely become archaic by the end of the decade. The term “smart home” hadn’t yet been unearthed, and concepts such as resident portals, chatbots and automation were several years from making an impact. 

Yes, tech advancements over the past 10 years far exceeded any previous decade for the multifamily industry, which previously had a reputation for being behind the times technologically. At the fervent pace of innovation, it’s fair to project that the 2020s could exceed the current meteoric rate of progress.