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Oct 19

Entrata’s New Reporting Framework

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Whenever Entrata takes on a new technology project, we start with the research. Many of our clients participate in interviews, we observe their processes and listen to their ideas. Then the design work begins. After bringing stakeholders and strategy teams together to hammer out priorities, prototypes are built and tested with users, leading to the ‘wash-rinse-repeat’ process of identifying problems, fixing things that don’t work, and testing again.

Over the last year since we started talking about Entrata’s new reporting framework, this process has been hard-at-work, as we collect and respond to client feedback and move toward a reporting platform that addresses the needs and challenges of property management users. At Entrata’s Summit in September, Entrata’s team reported the results to our clients.  continue

Oct 19

Smart Technology in the Apartment Rental Industry

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Voice assistants. Smart thermostats. The ability to have appliances schedule their own maintenance appointments.

The future of smart home technology is no longer coming – it’s already here. And according to a panel of technology experts at the 2019 Entrata Summit, the new challenge is finding ways to effectively and efficiently scale and integrate these technologies within the apartment rental industry.  continue