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Jul 17

Webinar Recap: Tech Tools To Help Answer The Call

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This week, we hosted a webinar to discuss how to find the right people for your leasing office, establish the right processes, and use the right systems to create successful and meaningful calls to prospects.


Jul 17

Stop Running Away from Poor Reviews!

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Chances are your marketing efforts include creating profiles across a variety of social media to interact with residents and prospects, but even if you haven’t, your property is increasingly susceptible to online reviews. Not only are there more channels than ever for online reviews, the number of people using those channels to publish their opinions is growing. These days nearly 30 percent of occasional online users (twice as many as in 2014) report leaving up to five online reviews every year.

So what do you do when you pull up a profile to see that a former resident has left a one-star review on Google, or get a notification that someone has left an extensive rant on Yelp? You may be tempted to shut it all down. Here at Entrata, we’ve actually had customers contact us asking for help deleting Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yelp, and any other profile they can think of, hoping that if they don’t offer a place for people to talk, then nothing bad can be said. continue

Jul 17

Entrata + Home Automation = Entratamation!

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For decades, homeowners have been reaping benefits from smart home technology. As many as 30% of Americans have already installed smart home technology, and studies show these early adopters are saving an average of $1000 a year and as much as 30 minutes each day. However, the smart home industry’s early focus on homeowners has kept renters in the blind spot of these innovations. In many cases, homeowners’ deeper pockets and stronger desire to invest in their homes have made them the ideal market for a nascent industry, but times are changing. continue

Jul 17

What’s Up with Docs? New Solutions for Multifamily Document Management

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Multifamily properties generate a lot of documents, but the days of rows of file cabinets filling up the leasing office are (or should be) over. Storing documents digitally can free up a lot of space for your properties, but may introduce new challenges like problems with searchability, accessibility, and security. In order to address these challenges, simple document storage technologies won’t do. What is needed is document management. continue