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May 17

Don’t Give Up On Your Blog

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Marketing,Technology

In an era of snaps, tweets, and podcasts, the humble blog may seem a bit archaic, but there’s still a lot of heavy lifting a blog can do for your online marketing efforts. If you’ve ever considered scrapping your blog, or if you *gasp* never created one, it’s time to educate yourself: continue

May 17

Entrata Core: Software that Represents Your Business

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Management,Newsletters

Whether you realize it or not, your technology sends a message to your prospects, residents, and even employees, about your business. About a year and a half ago Jason Larson, Chief Strategy Officer at IDM went looking for a technology partner that could grow with his business. After spending a little time with the Entrata team at NMHC OpTech, he knew he’d found the kind of partner that would represent his vision to audiences both inside and outside the company.

Traditionally, multifamily technology systems have been segregated between “front end” and “back office” tasks. This creates a false dilemma as many industry professionals perpetuate the idea that either accounting or marketing functions must be sacrificed when choosing a technology system. Today’s executive needs a 360 degree view of their business which provides actionable data on a variety of processes without losing sight of the guest experience.