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Feb 17

Webinar Recap: Strategies for Resident Communication

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This week, we hosted a webinar to discuss the most effective ways of communicating with residents. Sam Choi from Aspen Heights shared how they overcome some of the most common communication obstacles. We also learned about some of the unique communication strategies Aspen Heights utilizes with their residents.


Feb 17

NAA 2017 “Most Loved” Student Software

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EntrataStudent is the “most loved” student software with over 44% of the largest student housing companies around the country utilizing it. With features such as roommate matching, bulk unit assignments, and move-in checklists, EntrataStudent is the industry’s first property management software built uniquely for the student housing market. Whether you’re on a volcano in Nicaragua or in the office, EntrataStudent is your go-to software built with students (and you!) in mind.


Feb 17

AIM Conference Social Media Contest Terms & Conditions

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You are invited to enter for a chance to win a $500 Home Depot gift card, or up to $500 toward a day at a spa of your choice, during the AIM Conference from May 6 to May 9, 2018. Participants will qualify to win by ‘following’ @EntrataSoftware, ‘liking’ Entrata’s post about the blog article/contest, titled Renovate Your Websites, ‘sharing’ the original social media post on Facebook or Twitter, and commenting on the original social media post with their own piece of digital marketing advice. Participants must complete all three actions prior to Wednesday, May 9, 2018, at 1:00 p.m. PDT (the “Entry Deadline”) to qualify. Entrata will randomly choose a winner immediately following the Entry Deadline, and the winner will be announced via Twitter (@entratasoftware). Participants are encouraged to comment and share as much as they like, but only one entry per person will qualify for the prize drawing.

Terms & Conditions

Only one entry per person. By making an Entry and participating in the Contest, you (“Participant”, “you”, or “your”) agree to be bound by and comply with the following Terms and Conditions. You agree that the information collected by Entrata in connection with your Entry may be used to execute the Contest. You agree to accept the prize awarded and hereby release Entrata, Inc., its agents, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, employees and representatives (“Entrata Parties”) from all liability relating to the awarded prize, your use of the prize, or the Contest itself, including property damage, personal injury, or death. You agree that in any cause of action, the Entrata Parties’ liability will be limited to the cost of participating in the Contest, and in no event shall the Entrata Parties be liable for attorneys’ fees, punitive, consequential, direct, or indirect damages, and you waive the right to claim any damages whatsoever.

By accepting the prize, you consent to the use of your name, address, and likeness in all matters related to this Contest, including any advertising or publicity in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, worldwide, in perpetuity, without further notice or compensation.

NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY, and any product you purchase from Entrata will not increase your chances of winning the Contest. All Entries become the sole property of Entrata and will not be returned. Entrata is not responsible for lost, late, stolen, garbled, incomplete, damaged, delayed, illegible, mutilated, or misdirected Entries. Incomplete, illegible or fraudulent Entries will be void.

ONE prize will be awarded in total. The prize winner will receive one Home Depot® Gift Card with a value of five hundred U.S. dollars ($500.00) OR up to five hundred U.S. dollars ($500.00) toward a day at the spa of your choice (the “Prize”).  The winning Participants may only win one Prize, and only one entry per person will be considered; subsequently drawn Entries of winning Participants will be discarded, and a new winner will be drawn. Entrata will not replace a Prize that is lost or stolen once it is in the possession of the Prize winner. Any costs associated with accepting or redeeming the Prize, including tax, government surcharges, fees, or expenses will be the responsibility of the Prize winner. Any unclaimed Prize will be forfeited by the Prize winner and will remain the property of Entrata. No Prize will be awarded to any person, whether eligible or not, in any jurisdiction where this Contest is prohibited. Entrata will not permit substitution, transfer, or payment of a cash equivalent for the Prize, except that Entrata, at its sole discretion, may substitute the Prize (or a part thereof) with a prize or prizes of equal or greater value, as a result of unavailability of the Prize for any other reason. Entrata makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee – express or implied, in fact or in law – relative to the use of the Prize, including, but not limited to: quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular use.

Entrata reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or modify the Contest at any time without notice, for any reason, in its sole discretion.

Feb 17

Student Software: Made to Fit

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It’s about as close to a universal experience as you can find (although if you’re an only-child you may not relate): hand-me-downs. How many of us, in the name of economy, have found ourselves in the ill-fitting discarded fashion of our older siblings? Sometimes it works, more often than not it doesn’t. No surprise, it was made for someone else.

For years, student housing operators have been dealing with the technology equivalent of hand-me-downs; using systems that were built for conventional properties to try to meet the unique challenges of a student community. With enough work-arounds and manual processes, they could make do. But the solution was about as ideal as wearing your big brothers’ suit to the school dance. Sub-optimal. continue

Feb 17

Your Residents are Waiting to Hear from You

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shutterstock_613339448 (1)When you’re trying to get an important message across, how and when you communicate can matter just as much as the message itself. It’s true with friends, colleagues, strangers, and it’s true with your residents. We’ve discovered that you can make your resident communications more effective using technology tools to make sure the messages you send are getting to them how and when they’re most receptive.

Channel Surfing: Email messaging is still king when it comes to resident communication, and over half of residents are reading those emails on their phones. So do the sweet thing and make sure your email templates and messages are optimized for mobile devices. But remember, while 72 percent of people surveyed in a Litmus study expressed a preference for email communications, one size will never fit all. Letting residents opt in to optional SMS messaging, emails, or other channels means you’re more likely to get their attention.

A Matter of Timing: Communications tools like those in Message Center can take a lot of the heartache out of resident communications by letting you schedule messages around event triggers (upcoming renewals, for example) and getting the word out to large groups with a single send. But beware the temptation to “set it and forget it.” Use analytics to determine when your resident messaging is most effective and tweak as needed.

Can you Hear Me? Mom used to say, “You have two ears and only one mouth for a reason.” She was right, as usual. If residents don’t feel like you’re listening, all the snappy emails in the world won’t make you a good communicator. Tech tools built into the ResidentPortal app and services like Leasing Center can make it easy for residents to get your attention and reassure them that they’re coming through loud and clear.

Whatever processes you implement or technology you employ, make sure to keep a close eye on the available reporting so you can catch and correct ineffective practices early and keep communication channels open.