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Sep 16

The Road Less Traveled: Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve

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With new innovations unveiled seemingly every week, staying ahead of the technology curve can be a cumbersome task.

Whether it’s adding smart-home technology to existing communities, devising plans for new developments or updating software systems on the fly, the process of implementing new technology is fluid and ever-evolving.


Sep 16

Checks & Balances: New Options to Collect Payments

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The 2016 Entrata Summit, held September in Park City, marked one year since the company announced its new ResidentPortal mobile app, which would give residents the ability to pay rent by voice or photo, from any mobile device. Since its official launch in December of 2015, announced Entrata’s VP of ResidentPay, Kate Hampton, the app has surpassed 120,000 users, over 800,000 sessions, and achieved a strong five-star rating in the app store.

“The insights we have been collecting over this period are convincing us more and more every day that electronic payments is the only logical path to follow to achieve sustainable business performance,” said Hampton. Although payments in the multifamily industry haven’t changed much in recent decades, Hampton asserted that the old ways of collecting rent are fast becoming outdated, if they’re not already obsolete. continue

Sep 16

The Millennial Challenge

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Millennials are our greatest challenge. But they are also our greatest opportunity.

That was the message driven home at the Entrata Summit 2016 session Millennials: Our Customers, Our Employees, & Our Greatest Challenge. Dennis Smillie, president of Multifamily Solutions Inc., referenced John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address in 1961, in which he noted that the torch has been passed to a new generation.

Sep 16

#EntrataSummit: Social Posts that Pay!

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Tuesday_Social Contest_Insta

Show us the Summit through your eyes! Each time* you post using #EntrataSummit on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you will be entered to win a Visa gift cards!

Look for the #EntrataSummit prompt in each session you attend; moderators will offer topics for your posts. Or just tell the world what you love about the Summit.

Enter to win by using #EntrataSummit, tagging @EntrataSoftware, and making your posts public (if we can’t see it, we can’t count it).


Sep 16

Integrated Marketing and Technology

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integrated marketingWhen the concept of integrated marketing was unearthed decades ago, it involved a narrow set of traditional advertising channels, a few websites, email and public relations. But the information age and technological advances of the past two decades have created a wealth of new information sources and devices. Blogs, online marketplaces, smart phones and tablets have exploded on the scene.

That has made integrated marketing a much larger challenge than ever anticipated, as the evolution of marketing channels has made it nearly impossible for marketers to manually create and maintain a cohesive strategy.

As technology has changed where and how prospective renters receive their information, it has also changed how marketers manage integrated marketing communications. Here are some of the ways technology can help you better manage your integrated marketing strategy: