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Mar 16

Even More Base Camp Excitement? Yes, Please!

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We want you to win $100 for posting to social media while at Base Camp! Here’s how:


Mar 16

What Residents Want: Webinar Recap

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Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.54.50 PM


This week Entrata hosted a webinar about how online reviews impact residents during the decision making process. Veronica Romney, Entrata’s Director of Marketing Suite Products, was joined by’s Chief Marketing Officer, Aaron Weiche, to discuss ways property management companies can improve their online reputation. The webinar answered several attendee questions and outlined a variety of tactics for properties looking to improve their overall rating, increase the quantity and quality of reviews, and manage their overall reputation.


Mar 16

Link Building Basics

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By: Sean Smith, Digital Marketing Consultant Trainer


When looked at broadly, link building can feel like a daunting task. You can attempt to tackle it through multiple avenues, but when is the right time to make link building a priority for your company? Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz, gives some great information on this in his Targeted Link Building in 2016 video, and we’ve outlined a few of these ideas that can easily be applied to the niche market of multifamily housing.


Mar 16

Shout Out!

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By: Mika McIntosh, RentSauce Editor


The machine only works if all the pieces are in working order. Or, to put it more awesomely, if all the pieces are most excellent– to each other, to themselves. And it’s these pieces of the whole that we can thank when we passionately rise above mediocrity. But, we’ve recently realized, those pieces don’t get the recognition that they deserve, and it’s time we change that; we do more than just software, after all. We have events, videos… and who are the people behind all of that? We’d like to take the time to highlight those people and departments who have shown patterns of excellence but aren’t always in the spotlight.


Mar 16

How to Gain A Resident in Five Ways

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By: Dennison Harris, Director of Support

Imagine if your business plan read like the script of a romantic comedy. The two star-struck lovers meet briefly and the sparks fly. Then, without warning, they have an easily avoidable misunderstanding. They agonize over every detail with their friends, but they refuse to discuss it with each other. After several painful (and comical) scenes, they finally work it out and fall in love. While this makes for good cinema, we can all agree that this is not a good plot for a successful business.


Mar 16

Top Five Ways to Get a Positive Online Review

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by Michelle Perroni, PR and Social Media Manager


Reviews are impacting a prospect’s decision to rent now more than ever. A recent study by Entrata of more than 1,800 renters showed that 94 percent of prospects are referencing reviews during their apartment search. Not only that, but more than half of those prospects will actually contact your property after reading a positive review about it.


Mar 16

Defining the Success of a Property

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By: James Draper


Have you seen the 2011 movie Moneyball or know the story of the Oakland Athletics 2002 season? The premise of the story is very intriguing.

The A’s were a low budget team and in the off-season prior to the 2002 season, they lost three of their best players to larger market teams. In order to compete, they adopted a statistical model to gauge the worth and abilities of a player that were contrary to baseball’s long held beliefs of how to measure talent. Because of this, they were able to obtain players who may have potentially been overlooked by other teams but had better indicators of offensive success according to the model.


Mar 16

Millennialing is Half the Battle

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By: Tyler Tucker


Millennials make up 1.3 trillion dollars in buying power annually. However, it seems that many multifamily marketers are still guessing about what they want in an apartment community. Sure, millennials will enjoy the pool, the wi-fi, the tanning bed, and the awesome club house as much as anyone, but what will actually get a millennial to sign a lease with your community?