Nov 20

Connect Keynote: Molly Fletcher

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An Experience-Driven Approach to Business

Molly Fletcher spent nearly two decades as the only female sports agent representing professional athletes and coaches. In an industry where there are more agents than people to represent, and where she had no footsteps to follow, Fletcher’s success depended on her ability to create a differentiating experience for her clients.

During Episode 3 of Entrata Connect, Fletcher outlined her approach and described how it translates to multifamily and beyond. 

Start with Belief

At this point, everybody knows who Tom Brady is. But he started his NFL career as the 199th pick in the 2000 draft by the New England Patriots. Fletcher shared a story about the first time Brady met Patriots owner Bob Kraft in person. 

After a brief introduction, Brady told Kraft, “I am the best decision this organization has ever made.”

“What differentiates Tom Brady from all the other quarterbacks in the league is his mindset,” Fletcher said. “When we don’t believe, our customers can tell. We’ve got to believe in what we do in order to create amazing experiences for the people that we serve.”

Discover the Gaps

As an agent, Fletcher’s primary objective in terms of client retention was to help them understand all the areas in which they are supported, and to maintain that support.

“It’s about adding value by discovering the gaps and filling the gaps in their lives,” Fletcher said. “And it’s not all about everything that happens when they walk in the door. That’s just the start. It’s about what we continue to do. Experience isn’t an event. It’s something that we’re constantly creating.” 

Relational Versus Transactional 

Fletcher recounted a story while representing former University of Florida men’s basketball coach Billy Donovan. Donovan approached her with a desire to make the jump to the NBA, and Fletcher guided him through the process when a job opened up with the Orlando Magic. 

At the last minute, when the job was virtually his, Donovan changed his mind and wanted to stay at the University of Florida. Wondering what went wrong, Fletcher pinpointed the pivotal issue. 

“I didn’t ask the hard questions. I was too transactional,” Fletcher said, noting that Donovan ultimately wasn’t ready to leave the university, his athletic director, players or fans. “Most of the time when things fall apart, it’s because of the conversation that we didn’t have or the one we avoided. It’s so important in life to have the courage to have the tough conversations. It’s how we get aligned with the people that we serve on what matters most.”

Resiliency is Key 

Fletcher said she once asked renowned golf coach Butch Harmon what the difference is between the top 25 players in the world and the rest of the field, and his answer was immediate. 

“He said, ‘The best recover from adversity faster than everybody else,’” Fletcher recalled. “We’re going to have good days and bad days. ‘No’ is really just feedback. The difference isn’t what happens, it’s how we respond to what happens. We don’t let ourselves unravel, but in fact, we recover. Resiliency is key and especially right now.”

Execute with Boldness 

Fletcher, who played tennis collegiately, described one of her final lessons with her prep tennis coach before heading to school for her freshman year. 

“He told me, ‘I want you to lean in, I want you to cut off the angles, I want you to go for it.’ At the end of the day, that was a metaphor for me, for life,” Fletcher said. “When I stepped into an arena where there were no other women, where there was no one else that looked like me, there was no one to follow, it was all about stepping in, leaning in and going for it. Don’t just show up. Show up with belief, like Brady.”